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Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late? [closed]

I've been using Stack Overflow for a few years, and initially most questions you asked got a positive reception: happy comments and answers, people that tried to help you out regardless of the ...
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Question quality is dropping on Stack Overflow

I'm seeing a rapid trend towards worse and worse question quality. It gets to the point where I'm asking myself "Why did I even help this guy? He neither has the will nor the capacity to understand ...
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Is it okay to downvote answers to bad questions?

I'm referring to this, (screenshot for <10K) question in particular, where the question was clearly not of the best quality, but my answer to it addressed the issues with it. Is it okay to downvote ...
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Meta hasn't changed at all

Yesterday I've received the following reply: Meta StackExchange actually recommends that most questions, even ones that are network-wide, are asked on child metas first. Then, if it makes sense for ...
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"You're Unclear on What You're Asking"

Maybe it's just my bad luck, but I just saw two winners in a row: "Blackjack, Call upon a string" "A list named after the number of a object" These are both from new developers who have little or no ...
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What incentives are there to "game" Stack Overflow?

Reading this question Should I downvote attempted answers to bad (too broad) questions? on Stack Overflow, I noticed that one user (George Cummins) noted that: Remember, gamification is a big part ...
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How to deal appropriately with answers posted for obvious help vampire questions? [duplicate]

Today I came across this question that obviously didn't deserve to get an answer, in preserving from getting future researchers the impression, such questions are well formed, and achieved at SO well....
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When should we downvote answers? [duplicate]

I answered an off-topic question with a correct answer and ended up getting -2 votes (2 upvotes and 4 downvotes). The downvoters' reason for downvoting the answer was: Answering these type of ...
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How is this horrible question considered on topic [closed] How is this considered on topic, and why are high-rep users encouraging "Here's my code, ...
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Downvoted for giving a detailed answer [duplicate]

Once in a while I see users downvoting correct answers and sometimes good answers. The reason for this action being that they are addressing a seemingly bad question. A similar issue happened to me ...
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Should rep-hunter answers be downvoted? [duplicate]

I have occasionally downvoted an answer when I was frustrated that a high-rep user (who knew his stuff, obviously) had taken the time to answer a basic, obvious duplicate, rather than find a similar ...
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Should this question be flagged or answered? [duplicate]

I had a discussion with Luiggi Mendoza in this question: I am trying to create an empty collection but apparently collections.emptySet() is apparently not the way? Google tells me to create a new ...
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Should downvotes be used to punish people who answer bad questions? [duplicate]

In response to this question: The asker comes in with ...
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