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What is the use of Watched Tags in Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

What is the use of "Watched Tags" in Stack Overflow? What are they meant for?
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Why do some posts seem faded out suddenly? [duplicate]

I just noticed, in the past day or so, that some posts appear to be faded out. As DeAndre Cole would ask, "what up with that?"
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Why are some questions on the homepage beige? [duplicate]

This is just out of curiosity more than anything, but on the homepage (top questions - interesting), some of them are beige, while others are white. I'm sure there is a reason for this, but I can't ...
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How to follow a tag [duplicate]

Today I deceided to follow the javascript tag, and I can't figure out how. I see subscribe, and info, but no follow button. Could someone explain how to follow a tag to me?
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'Unwanted tags' as an addition to the 'Favourite tags' [duplicate]

Is it possible to set some kind of Unwanted tags as an addition to the Favourite tags? For example, I want to see questions with some specific tags so I place those tags in my Favourites tags: But ...
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Hide questions with specific tags [duplicate]

It should be possible to hide questions with specific tags. E.g. there are often appearing questions with vue.js or angular.js and more, but I can't answer them. It should be possible to filter them ...
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Is it possible to ignore tags that are related to each other? [duplicate]

For example angularjs and these. angularjs-directive angularjs-scope angularjs-ng-repeat angularjs-service angularjs-routing
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Some of the tagged questions are not clickable [duplicate]

Please see below image(i.e the 3rd row). Everything is working fine earlier. But from last few days I have found that I am not able to check some of questions. I do not understand why.
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Option to not include specific tags? [duplicate]

Say for example I know Java and I want to browse the unanswered question section for the Java tag, but I have absolutely no knowledge about using Java and Android together. It would be a cool feature ...
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Would a black-list style filter for tags in questions not be great? [duplicate]

I sometimes find it hard to find questions which interest me or which I would maybe answer. Certain high frequency tags simply hide the ones of interest to me between them. So, I had the idea that ...
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Why are proposed changes to voting, which limit or remove the use of downvotes, met with strong disagreement?

The comments and answers on many proposals to change the way voting works on Stack Overflow indicate there are strong opinions against many of these changes, mainly because such proposals alter the ...
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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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When so many questions are hidden because of ignored tags

There must be the same question here in the meta somewhere but I couldn't find it. So... When a user searches on Stack Overflow, it shows up to 15, 30, or 50 results per page, depending on which one ...
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Language Forums [closed]

I would really like it if there were pages for each programming language, I'm new to the whole concept of programming and I tend to gravitate towards the obscure. Batch and C#. The problem I'm having ...
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