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I want to, and do not want to, close my question as a duplicate [duplicate]

I'm torn so I'm asking for input from the community. I asked a question and first, someone answered it. Pretty well and with a great image illustrating the process discussed. Awesome! Then, someone ...
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Which question is the better reference for a duplicate? [duplicate]

I found sometimes that old questions are marked and closed as duplicate of new questions. Here is an example, where a question of 2010 is marked as a duplicate of one asked in 2013. I found that this ...
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Is A duplicate of B or is it the other way round? [duplicate]

While working with the Reopen queue I hit this question. It was closed as a duplicate of this one. So I was just about to click on Leave Closed but wait!!! OP's comment is right. The message says: ...
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Old question marked as duplicate of a new question [duplicate]

This question: Does Java's foreach loop preserve order?, was asked today. Then i saw that another question which is 6 years old and has several upvotes and good answers was marked as a duplicate of ...
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Another SO user reversed the dupe target on a pair of questions, closing the canonical of a more specific question [duplicate]

I've been using this question as a canonical for closing questions asking about manipulating inherited properties for quite a while now. Yesterday, a question asking about appending property values ...
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Why the older question considered as the duplicate? [duplicate]

I just see this post that created only today and this older post that created a year ago. The older is marked as duplicate with a link going to the newer post. Why it is considered as duplicate even ...
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How to handle duplicate where the closed question has a better answer? [duplicate]

In the Reopen Queue, I was given this question which was marked to reopen because of editing. I looked at the marked duplicate, and the answers there are not very good - one answer says to switch to ...
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Question marked as duplicate of the Question asked at a later date [duplicate]

Today, I realized, a question BeautifulSoup fails with Recursion Depth Error when running from IDLE that I asked a year back was marked as duplicate. Once I checked the original question, Why do I get ...
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What is the proper action if duplicate question is better than original? [duplicate]

Let's suppose that Question A is the original question, and question B is asking the same thing, but is clearly better presented. Should Question B be closed as duplicate? Now let's suppose that ...
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When unsure which of 2 questions should be marked as a duplicate of the other, is it acceptable to flag (or vote to close) both? [duplicate]

Is it a good idea to cross-flag (or cross-close-vote) duplicate questions? 2 advantages of doing that: You have double the attention in the Close Votes queue. Your request is more likely to be ...
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What to do if the duplicate and the original question are inverted [duplicate]

This question was closed as a duplicate of this one but the first one is Older Better written Have 20 times more views Sometimes newer question are clearly better and than older question can become ...
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What should we do with answers to duplicate questions that may offer something new to the discussion? [duplicate]

I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle this without cluttering the answer space. I answered a question here that was later marked as a duplicate of this question. I feel like my answer adds ...
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How to reverse a duplicate question when the second is a clearer duplicate target than an older question? [duplicate]

Last week I answered a question that then cropped up again as a duplicate today. The second question is a clear duplicate of the first but the question in the second is a better duplicate target as ...
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What to do with an older duplicate question that doesn't have a real answer? [duplicate]

I asked/answered my own question a few weeks ago because I thought the question never appeared on SO anywhere. Just now I discovered a similar question. It doesn't have an answer (but the answer is ...
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Marking a question as duplicate: Should we consider question creation time or score? [duplicate]

I have seen two questions, which are duplicate of each other. Question 1: Posted seven years back and the user has been removed: calling thread.start() within its own constructor Question score: 8 ...
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