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Why does Stack Overflow allow such rudeness and condescension and arrogance from posters? [duplicate]

ATM, anyone can easily open an account and ask annoying questions that : ask for piles of crappy code with single-letter var names, [i,j,k] array indices, no comments and 'do all my debugging for me' ...
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Why offtopic questions are just closed? [duplicate]

Why they are not also removed from the site? If they are marked as offtopic they are not meant for the environment, should they be archived/removed from the public side of the website? How do they ...
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Shouldn't off-topic questions, once flagged, be removed? [duplicate]

The sheer amount of off-topic questions on Stack Overflow is absolutely mind-boggling. The Stack Overflow QA model is supposed to promote quality questions and answers, but the off-topic QA'...
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Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late? [closed]

I've been using Stack Overflow for a few years, and initially most questions you asked got a positive reception: happy comments and answers, people that tried to help you out regardless of the ...
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Help us test question triage!

tl;dr: there's a new review queue. It'll be getting somewhere around 1-2 questions per minute. The only thing they have in common is that the system is unsure of what to do with them. Some are great, ...
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Make it easier to close job shop "gimme teh codez" questions

We used to have "Too Localized" which read: This question is unlikely to help any future visitors; it is only relevant to a small geographic area, a specific moment in time, or an extraordinarily ...
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What should the system be deleting automatically that it already isn't?

So this question got me thinking... We have several automatic processes in place for cleaning up cruft, deleting questions that are very unlikely to help anyone else. They're fairly conservative ...
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Should we peer review questions before publishing them?

We currently have a review queue for first posts as well as for low quality posts. We currently also have a problem with the signal-to-noise ratio of new questions, and the current system seems ...
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Why are there so many bad questions?

I mostly lurk here and have been browsing some of my favorite tags. What I notice is the vast majority of questions are awful. It's becoming a chore to wade through all of them because most of them ...
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What should we do about users who are proud to be help vampires?

And happily, knowingly ignore site rules, because they get their answers. Example: (Click for larger image)
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What's Documentation for? [closed]

I've been raising this question occasionally in comments for a while now, but I thought it was worth asking it as a Meta question: just what's the point of Documentation? What niche do the development ...
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Is there anything appropriate community members can do, to lift another users penalty box ban?

I came across noticing that @lpapp was banned now for a whole year, and I'm pretty concerned about this. I couldn't see any rude comments or abusive usage of the trusted user tools when skimming ...
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Do we want questions specific to one person's lack of understanding of a basic language feature?

Here is the question. (10k only since the question has been removed) To make a long story short, the OP ...
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Do we close questions that are only useful for the asker?

There are many questions from novice developers that are asking obvious things. Often they are also asking them badly. The questions like this quickly gather a lot of downvotes and end up in the close ...
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Why is the quality of PHP questions, on Stack Overflow, in decline?

I've been on Stack Overflow since 2012 and have seen a fairly steady decline in the quality of questions asked in the php tag over the years. However, I noticed a significant incline in the sheer ...
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