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How do I ask and self-answer a correct, high quality Q&A pair without attracting downvotes?

Almost two years ago I asked and then self-answered this question about certificates. I did so because handling certificates has always been a great pain, requiring a combination of disparate command-...
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Beyond confused about question and answer reception [duplicate]

Until this morning I was using a non-Anaconda Python interpreter on Windows, but after looking into what I was going to have to do to get SciPy up and running, I chose to install Anaconda. When I went ...
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Was I wrong to answer my own question? [duplicate]

I found some information about the relationship between the System.Windows.Documents namespace and the Presentation Framework assembly which I thought was non-obvious because usually the namespace has ...
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Are self-answered questions still encouraged on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

So, let me tell you a story about how a series of individually well-intended steps led me to apparently become the scourge of Stack Overflow. I was working on a small project, and I ran into an odd ...
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"Answer your own question Q&A style" [duplicate]

So I came up with a question, did my research, and found no help on S.O. Eventually, I did find an answer to the question that I had. Since the question was nowhere on S.O., I figured that I would ...
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Why do people downvote my answers on my own questions? [duplicate]

I asked Can't write to 64-bit registry using .NET C#, and then I found the answer on my own, so I posted it. I got -2 on my question (though I showed them first one approach I tried to solve my ...
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What should I do when someone downvoted my selfanswered question ignoring its value? [duplicate]

I have been reading through several SO Q&As to find a general solution to a problem i faced without it being tailored to specific OP's needs. I took the effort and created new Question, while as ...
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Can instant self-answer be automatically identified as such? [duplicate]

I posted a question with its answer on SO and within minutes got two negative votes on the question and a comment on the answer scolding me for posting my answer at the same time as my question: ...
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Does the SO "proper question" policy clearly articulate the condition when one answers their own question? [duplicate]

Note the confusion on this question: How can I do a CSS3 shimmer animation to an HTML target object? At the time that I asked that question, I already had the answer figured out. I was doing the "...
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How Do I Improve My In Depth Q/A? [duplicate]

I was interested in a topic I did not know much about, and had a specific question in mind. I researched and answered my own question to the best of my ability in one night of research, and I invited ...
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Self answers for trivial stuff that could be easily learned from the documentation page [duplicate]

I know that SO has a policy for self-answers. But what about asking a question which is really trivial and the answer is easily searchable at the documentation (by easily I mean that there is a whole ...
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How to share techniques on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I've shared a technique achievement on Stack Overflow but unfortunately my post was closed by admins. They told me they don't know what I am asking but I'm not asking a question, I just want to share ...
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Self Answer Questions being too broad [duplicate]

I'm planning to do another self-answer Q&A style question, but I just had a thought that if I came across this question asked in the wild without an answer, I would flag to close as too broad. ...
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What to do if OP self-answers their own bad question? [duplicate]

I was going through the Help and Improvement queue, and found this question. It's a bit difficult to read, includes links to images instead of the code, and seems to be asking for someone else to ...
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what's unclear about [duplicate]

My question and answer were closed with "This question needs details or clarity" by 3 users, neither of which cared to give a reason or seem to be reachable for feedback. I'm at a loss. What's ...
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