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Sudden change in voting proportion

I study voting on Stack Overflow and found a sudden change in negative/positive voting ratio on questions in April 2014. I would imagine that such a drastic change will result from a change in Stack ...
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Where can I speak out against user behaviour pattern? Is this the right forum? [closed]

I've just noticed a behaviour on SO that I think creates a barrier to new users entering the community. Where can I express my opinion to the Stack Overflow community and speak out against this sort ...
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In light of the user base, are there any changes SO should make? [closed]

I was reading this question of which, one of the answers referenced this site. A huge amount of traffic to SO is during weekdays and the school year. Via the second link: The dips and canyons (deep ...
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What is the number of active experts in Stack Overflow tags?

How many users are actively posting (2 or more) upvoted answers each week in the most popular tags at Stack Overflow? What is the explanation behind the recent (two-three years) trends in the number ...
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How to deal with users asking for homework help [closed]

NOTE: Not a duplicate of Stack Overflow and homework questions - I'm asking about how best to help, not if we can help. What is the best way to help someone who needs homework help, but has not put ...
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How to interact on Stack Overflow regardless of our reputation points level? [closed]

Following this comment on one of my last meta question, I decide to do this separate post. My question is: how not to be impacted by our reputation points level when interacting with others on Stack ...
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Are we too preoccupied with easy questions? [duplicate]

I don't follow many tags so I can't speak for the general population, but something has been really confusing me, and honestly starting to bother me. The main concern is when users ask bad question. ...
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Can you get your account suspended for "joking" around?

Is it possible that my Stack Overflow account will be suspended for joking around? Example: Can posts like these get me banned?
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Why don't people sign up and contribute?

In all the places I've ever worked, Stack Overflow is frequently used by practically every developer there, and they have a positive experience in which they quickly find a good answer to the problem ...
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Are « rep-hounds » necessarily bad people?

I've been around SO for enough time to have come across several terms used here on Meta SO. Thus I've read about « help-vampires » and « rep-hounds ». My definitions of those two: « help-vampires » ...
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How to better handle the current flood of VLQ questions?

There were already a few very good related posts, which have asked why the quality of posts is dropping and why high rep users post fewer answers (which I think are related to each other): Why is ...
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Past vs. Present [duplicate]

My question is: Have the rules of Stack Overflow changed at any point since its creation? I ask this because, prior to joining SO a few months ago, I researched and Googled several of the questions I ...
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Are Stack OverFlow Experts making juniors lazy? [duplicate]

Very important thing to build improved world of engineers. I am here in Stack Overflow since many years. I love it because of amazing knowledge and very supporting community. But now think, are we ...
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What is the purpose of Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I am new to this site, and it has been very helpful recently in helping me learn C# programming. I have read all the rules, but I can't seem to understand what the purpose of this site is. When I ...
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Are high rep users assumed to have 'done their homework'?

Maybe I'm missing something, but I feel like the first comment on this question should be 'what have you tried?'. I can only assume that the asker is perfectly capable of coming up with various ways ...
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