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Award a bounty for a good question

As far as I know you can only award a bounty for an answer. Sometimes I see really good questions - which I promptly vote up - but in addition would like to award them with a bounty for asking such a ...
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How can we improve the SO experience for very young programmers?

Recently I have encountered a situation with my 14yo brother. He is just getting started with iOS development. Before, he did a bit of JS on Khan Academy and Karel. He is not a native English speaker -...
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Let's give the Original Poster a chance to post an appropriate question

This post is about how SO can help the OP post a good on-topic question, avoiding duplicate, off topic, too broad, and unclear posts that end up in review queues, launch reputation hunts, and finally ...
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How can one do more than 40 down-votes per day?

I have been reading about Stack Exchange dying due to negative atmosphere, lack of fairness and civility: Why is Stack ...
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Why are Stack Overflow users more passionate about Stack Overflow than helping people?

@Sayse Why is it that Stackoverflow users are more passionate about stackoverflow than helping people? ....... It's a very simple answer. So the above (shortened for meta) comment is what was waiting ...
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Greeter Hat seems to be causing problems [closed]

Is it just me or is the Greeter Hat causing a lot of questionable upvoting and trivial editing? Perhaps I'm growing cynical, but it seems like I've come across a lot of polished turds with single ...
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Renovating the [regex] tag wiki

(EDIT: the wiki change proposed below was incorporated in 2015) The tag wiki for the regex tag has been growing organically for many years, and now contains a substantial amount of tutorial and ...
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Stack Overflow fatigue - has your usage / motivation dropped off?

I joined Stack Overflow during the private beta testing phase - I had the time of my life posting answers, asking questions, learning by reading other's questions. That was 2009. Over the last few ...
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Make it easier to flag a duplicate

I currently have low rep. I discover dupe questions all the time - I go to answer, and with one single google search, I have the answer, and it is usualy also on stackoverflow. If I flag, there is no ...
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Recent spike in the pending Low Quality Reviews count for SO main?

For the past several months the flag count has been steadily in the 100 to 300 count range. However, recently I have been noticing that it is breaking into the 4 digit range, reaching 1150 just now. I ...
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How can I suggest, promote, or impose my standards for Stack Overflow on the tags I contribute to?

I've been contributing heavily to Stack Overflow for the last 2 to 3 years now, mostly in java and related tags. I've matured through my contributions and experiences. Lately, I've been spending my ...
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Why this question was put on hold? I want to know some convincing rationale behind it As a developer, I got this doubt and wanted to get it clarified. This question was ...
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Observation from Site Analytics: fewer questions are being asked

I've had a look on the Site Analytics page. I displayed the full historical range, questions only, weekly. There is a pronounced yearly oscillation, spring being the most active season (and we can ...
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"Serial downvoting" of one question and its answers

This is something that I have never encountered before, so I'd like to bring it up. There are of course similar questions, but I haven't found one about this particular constellation: One of my ...
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Why is contributing on Stack Overflow impossible?

Most of the time when I reply to a new question with an answer that might have a small error in it, but other than that it's fine, I get downvoted. Sometimes for no reason/no explanations given. I ...
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