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Tag noob questions to facilitate helping out [duplicate]

Similar to How to find easy questions to answer? but taken from another angle: In relation to Fish-out pure-java questions to help out: how about having some sort of "noob-question" tag, so that ...
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Do we need coordinated efforts to moderate the site?

A Background Example: I have been participating in the Godaddy Burnination Should we burninate [godaddy]? A request I did not want. Yet I have assisted with this daily, am even a room owner of the ...
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How can Stack Overflow be more welcoming? [duplicate]

I have been on Stack Overflow for a little over a year now, and while I've had many of my questions resolved by kind and well-meaning people, I for some reason have never totally felt welcome here. ...
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I lost my temper - did I?

Ok, I'm the guy in the "too much" hat for today... A question that I found to be - despite its correct looks - without effort made me ask for details. I admit it was not in a nice tone, that's clear. ...
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How can we improve the c# tag to properly clean up of duplicate questions?

This is a very common scenario in the c# tag: Someone posts a rather simple question, it quickly gets one or two answers (usually very brief answers) that just “show the code” without explaining much....
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How much reputation is given per documentation post per day - convert to community wiki [closed]

Has anyone looked into specific numbers of how much reputation is being given out on documentation? It's like a hyperinflation, crashing any meaning to reputation as a measure of trust. If you take ...
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Do Stack Overflow users need to be so rude? [duplicate]

I have been using Stack Overflow for many years now, and sometimes I ask questions, when I do I try very hard to ask questions in a way that gives the community all they need to be able to answer the ...
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How can I ask better "newbie" questions in a language I'm learning?

Back when I started JavaScript, my questions were often downvoted. As I got better, I figured out how to ask better questions because I was a little less clueless about the subject matter. Now that I'...
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Let's improve Stack Overflow's "Ask a Question" page!

We've all heard and done our fair share of complaining about declining question quality. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Various ideas have been floated, but haven't gotten significant traction for various ...
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How can I help my fellow moderators be more welcoming to sincere questions and answers? [duplicate]

I've noticed a trend of moderators that care more about the SO ethos than sincere inquiry. A recent article explains this phenomenon very precisely. Does anyone have any tips for mitigating the ...
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Is Stack Overflow losing its shine? [duplicate]

Due to insane number of bad questions are being asked every day it's getting increasingly difficult to find good questions that deserve some answers. As a result, good questions are getting buried ...
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How to lure professionals to Stack Overflow?

Although haters may slander PHP forever, one cannot deny the fact that most of the web is powered by this language, including portals like Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, Vkontakte and - much more ...
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Do the people who develop Stack Exchange use Stack Overflow? [closed]

I'm just wondering; if the Stack Overflow programmers are stuck on a problem related to their job, do they also ask a question on Stack Overflow?
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What is the most appropriate way to behave when more users concurrently propose the same solution to a question?

Original post I am relatively new to SO and although I understand the basic rules of the site there is a more ethical mater that I don't know how to handle. Another user and I provided our own ...
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How does Stack Overflow help beginners to prevent them from getting negative votes [duplicate]

Many of them are new for Stack Overflow. There are well and good procedures available for asking questions, but some may not able to ask what they think. At that time they can get negative votes from ...
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