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Question quality is dropping on Stack Overflow

I'm seeing a rapid trend towards worse and worse question quality. It gets to the point where I'm asking myself "Why did I even help this guy? He neither has the will nor the capacity to understand ...
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Where are the non-trivial PHP-questions lately?

When I look at the first page of open PHP questions, I find almost only bad questions. E.g. one person doesn't understand what a "Notice" error message is, and wants it to be fixed. Most questions ...
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Behavior on questions caused by typographical errors

Recently, a poster submitted a question and, after a search inside a long single line sql query text, I (and others) have found the typographical error that originated its error. Of course, I have ...
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Upvote / Downvote Confusion [closed]

I was involved with the following scenario. This scenario is an example of many scenarios like it. Many have been pointed out on a popular meta thread dealing with feelings of negativity on SO. Can ...
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How does a new user get started on Stack Overflow?

I've been a "passive user" of Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites for years. I have derived enormous benefit from it (many thanks!!), and I finally decided to become more active. It seems ...
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Can we adopt a stop whining about bad SO questions policy?

As a new user I cannot tell you how excited I was to find SO. SO is an amazing resource for which you can get questions that would have taken ages on other sites or cost lots of money to get technical ...
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How many new users does Stack Overflow get per day?

There has been recently a large discussion revolving the current state of Stack Overflow at Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late? As a result, I was curious how many new users the site receives ...
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Should there be a deterrent for answering obvious duplicate questions?

When someone asks a questions on SO, they are expected to check that the question was not asked before. It is even worse if the question has been asked some 20 times before, because it shows little ...
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Should I downvote attempted answers to bad (too broad) questions? [duplicate]

Broad questions like this (now deleted): I have to make one website like using HTML5,CSS3,jQuery and bootstrap so please suggest me from where I ...
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Are the two downvote tooltip reasons meant conjunctively or disjunctively? [duplicate]

The downvote tooltip says: This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful This poses a particular problem for questions that are: Yes: Obviously lacking research ...
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Provide a setting to hide "Featured on Meta" posts in the Community Bulletin

Please provide an option to hide just Meta posts in the Community Bulletin from me. I still want to see Stack Overflow Blog posts though, because I want to stay up-to-date on new features and stuff. ...
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Flagged answer and declined with -11 score

I flagged an answer with negative score as low quality. Is it fine to flag a meta-post as low quality depending on negative score? Please guide me to correct thing .
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Throttling trusted users

I have >20k rep on I was answering some questions today and evidently I was doing so too quickly. When I attempted to post an answer I got the message below. Considering the fact ...
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How should we handle the current void of content at Meta Stack Overflow? [closed]

How can Stack Overflow meta be relevant when half a decades worth of posts were removed and now have no plan to return (New Custom Close Reason: Specific Only To A Certain Site)? There are only 400 ...
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Let's burn down the close queue!

Stage 2 completed: The initial phase of the burndown was completed on 2014-03-03 10:48:49; the second phase completed on 2014-03-08 at 19:41. Detailed statistics on how these played out can be found ...
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