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Why does Stack Overflow encourage people to downvote?

Why does Stack Overflow encourage downvoting newbie's questions which don't meet their quality standards? So by doing that, does it provide any answer to their questions? It might be protecting ...
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Forced new-user tutorial as a solution to low quality questions

Preface: At the suggestion of another user, I have posted my idea as a feature request. This is an answer to this question. There may be some fluff that is irrelevant to this feature request as this ...
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Enable Optional Anonymous Reasons for Downvotes on Questions [duplicate]

Yes, I'm revisiting this, again, despite the many times this issue has already been discussed (see Related for links). People keep asking for it. Note that I'm restricting this discussion to ...
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Improvement of searching for specific topics

Example: I previously saw an answer covering the Command design pattern with neat sample-code, and want to find that answer again: I start my search with this string "c++ command pattern", and the ...
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I think we're pointing new users at the wrong "How to Ask" page

Instead of showing them this page Can we show them our new and improved page instead?
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Allow users to optionally filter out low-quality questions

Lots of people are talking about this, so time to throw my hat in the ring. Note that this is just my idea and hasn't really been vetted by other Stack Exchange employees (probably some of them will ...
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Does SO need an entrance?

I've been following "Why is SO so negative of late?" and "Question quality is dropping on SO" a lot in the past few days and it made me curious for ways to improve the situation. Although I'm pretty ...
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How does an intermediate programmer find questions of his or her skill-level to answer on Stack Overflow?

I am a relatively inexperienced programmer, but I feel that I'm semi-competent in: Java Android General software development principles I am very grateful for the help on Stack Overflow and want to ...
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Why doesn't Stack Overflow awards points on just answering questions?

Stack Overflow awards reputation when there is an upvote on your answer or if it is chosen as a best answer, but it doesn't award reputation just for answering. I think there needs to be a reward (...
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Why do people scare off new users? [duplicate]

New members don't know the site well and often ask low-quality questions. So why do people give loads of downvotes and scare off new users? Using this post as an example:
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Asking questions privilege should be severely limited for new users

Inspired by recent hugely popular questions (mostly Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late?, also Question quality is dropping on Stack Overflow, Where are the non-trivial PHP-questions lately?), I ...
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Are high-reputation users answering fewer questions?

This recent answer posits that due to a hypothetical decline in "interesting" questions, a large number of high-reputation users have been decreasing their activity on the site, especially in the ...
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The lifespan of a question

I've noticed that after ~ 1 day of asking a question, the chance of a response (answers or comments) drops to almost zero. This is fine if the question has been resolved but not so good if the ...
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Content oriented Captchas for suspected duplicates

When I ask a question I get this element of "Questions that may already have your answer" above the question body. To me thats encuraging to look there for the answers, but it seems like not everybody ...
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When is it justifiable to downvote a question?

In light of recent discussion, the quality of questions on Stack Overflow is dropping rapidly, and as such, I find myself being more of a critic than I used to be a year ago. Questions which hardly ...
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