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Why are duplicate considered bad? [closed]

How are duplicate received? They are closed and/or downvoted even if they are good question with a completely different wording. Even if the original of the duplicate is an highly voted question. ...
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Rewarding overzealous users for answering duplicate questions is undermining the site [duplicate]

When a user posts a question that is, perhaps unknown to them, a duplicate of a FAQ, the correct response is to close the question as a duplicate of the FAQ, with no other answers to the new question. ...
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What is the benefit of closing useful questions?

When there are valid questions that "do not fit" within the SO model, what harm does the question do by simply existing? Why chop off the ability for people to answer these questions when experts are ...
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"Why shouldn't I answer off-topic questions?" FAQ [duplicate]

Does anyone think it would be useful to have a FAQ on the subject of "Why shouldn't I answer off-topic questions?" Anyone willing to write one? I'm thinking I would post a link to it whenever I saw ...
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Are we being "elitist"? Is there something wrong with that?

Recently I see more complaints of "elitism" bubbling up. Sometimes expressly called so, sometimes expressing the same thing in many more words. Mostly from new(-ish) users whose question has just been ...
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What does a greyed-out answer mean?

I was under the impression that it meant that the answerer deleted his post. But today, I was able to comment on that answer which is leading me to believe that my assumption was wrong.
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Relax folks! What is it with people getting more and more trigger happy? [duplicate]

I'm getting more and more annoyed with the elitism shown on Stack Overflow. This site is becoming a terrible place to ask questions, and each question that I ask seems to get downvotes, close ...
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What should the system be deleting automatically that it already isn't?

So this question got me thinking... We have several automatic processes in place for cleaning up cruft, deleting questions that are very unlikely to help anyone else. They're fairly conservative ...
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Proposal for an approval system for questions

Following up on Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late? and specifically the help-vampire/"repwhore" aspect, I figured I might toss up a suggestion for an approval system for the questions. How it ...
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Give high-rep users immunity from closure when answering

One thing that's an endless source of frustration on SO is having a detailed, strong answer to a question written and ready to submit, only to be rejected because other users have decided that, since ...
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How do we avoid downvotes without a comment? [duplicate]

I am not looking for a smarty pants telling me "Well, just ask a good question" I see bad questions getting downvoted as well as good questions, without a single comment. The questioner has no clue ...
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Teaching People to Read Documentation

For many questions posted to Stack Overflow, the questioner could have solved the problem themselves in a few minutes of reading the documentation. However, much as the workings of a for loop seem so ...
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Add Ability to Ignore Users [duplicate]

Would it be possible/practical to provide a way for users to ignore other users? It seems like this would help solve both sides of the "so negative" debate: High-rep users who don't want to be ...
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Stack Overflow for the non-noob [duplicate]

This is not to bash noobs. Also, not a duplicate to these other questions, although relevant. The problem of Stack Overflow (yes, this again!) I am certain this is known to everyone. Still, I'll ...
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Information on and circumventing of limitation of number of questions asked per time unit

I just got learned that I'm not allowed to ask more than 6 questions per day. That was news to me so I wonder: How can I learn the time left before I can ask again? Is there a way to circumvent that ...
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