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I think we're pointing new users at the wrong "How to Ask" page

Instead of showing them this page Can we show them our new and improved page instead?
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The lifespan of a question

I've noticed that after ~ 1 day of asking a question, the chance of a response (answers or comments) drops to almost zero. This is fine if the question has been resolved but not so good if the ...
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Are the two downvote tooltip reasons meant conjunctively or disjunctively? [duplicate]

The downvote tooltip says: This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful This poses a particular problem for questions that are: Yes: Obviously lacking research ...
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Make it easier to flag a duplicate

I currently have low rep. I discover dupe questions all the time - I go to answer, and with one single google search, I have the answer, and it is usualy also on stackoverflow. If I flag, there is no ...
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Are code comparison questions too broad? [closed]

I recently asked Being a member of the community for some time, I understand that open-ended ...
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Why am I not getting answers? (and is that trend getting worse?)

In the last two months, I've posted 7 questions (6 plus one just now), and got two answers: one of those only after I posted a bounty. The rest of the questions have no answer. I think they are ...
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Improvement of searching for specific topics

Example: I previously saw an answer covering the Command design pattern with neat sample-code, and want to find that answer again: I start my search with this string "c++ command pattern", and the ...
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Tag noob questions to facilitate helping out [duplicate]

Similar to How to find easy questions to answer? but taken from another angle: In relation to Fish-out pure-java questions to help out: how about having some sort of "noob-question" tag, so that ...
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Duplicate duplicate badge question question

I just came across this old, highly upvoted question on meta: Give an incentive for finding duplicate questions. In the interest of bumping that thread - almost 5 years to the day later - what do ...
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Does SO need an entrance?

I've been following "Why is SO so negative of late?" and "Question quality is dropping on SO" a lot in the past few days and it made me curious for ways to improve the situation. Although I'm pretty ...
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Content oriented Captchas for suspected duplicates

When I ask a question I get this element of "Questions that may already have your answer" above the question body. To me thats encuraging to look there for the answers, but it seems like not everybody ...
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Where can I speak out against user behaviour pattern? Is this the right forum? [closed]

I've just noticed a behaviour on SO that I think creates a barrier to new users entering the community. Where can I express my opinion to the Stack Overflow community and speak out against this sort ...
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Why does this post get downvoted and close voted for "opinion biased question" and not this one?

I posted one question which I tried to make the least "opinion biased" by adding precise adjectives such as "most concise (=short)" or "powerful" and not simply "best". I took the time to write a ...
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A tiny barrier to entry [duplicate]

The Problem The site is struggling to maintain its identity and usefulness as it is increasingly flooded with questions (and answer) from non-programmers. Several Meta users have been working to ...
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Why should people use Stack Overflow?

Observations: There are a large number of quite simple questions that people come across as hurdles to progressing their understanding, and these can be answered without too much effort (for someone ...

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