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How to interact on Stack Overflow regardless of our reputation points level? [closed]

Following this comment on one of my last meta question, I decide to do this separate post. My question is: how not to be impacted by our reputation points level when interacting with others on Stack ...
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What is the number of active experts in Stack Overflow tags?

How many users are actively posting (2 or more) upvoted answers each week in the most popular tags at Stack Overflow? What is the explanation behind the recent (two-three years) trends in the number ...
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How to deal with users asking for homework help [closed]

NOTE: Not a duplicate of Stack Overflow and homework questions - I'm asking about how best to help, not if we can help. What is the best way to help someone who needs homework help, but has not put ...
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Asking questions privilege should be severely limited for new users

Inspired by recent hugely popular questions (mostly Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late?, also Question quality is dropping on Stack Overflow, Where are the non-trivial PHP-questions lately?), I ...
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Information on and circumventing of limitation of number of questions asked per time unit

I just got learned that I'm not allowed to ask more than 6 questions per day. That was news to me so I wonder: How can I learn the time left before I can ask again? Is there a way to circumvent that ...
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What's the point of rejecting an approved suggested-edit that is likely to be approved?

I recently suggested an edit for an answer which was then approved by two reviewers. The main reason of my suggestion is to improve the answer's formatting. Another reason (if there is) would be that ...
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Is there no appropriate form to this question?

This is a question of mine, soon to be closed: Given Concepts, are SFINAE helpers intended to be kept as non-deprecated? [on hold]. As a C++ programmer I need to know what language features are at my ...
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Present duplicates I answered to

Many, many questions already have been asked. But instead of closing them as duplicate they often get answered. Very often I catch myself too answering off the top of my head instead of searching ...
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Why this question was put on hold? I want to know some convincing rationale behind it As a developer, I got this doubt and wanted to get it clarified. This question was ...
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LinkedIn directing people to SO? [duplicate] Is this really happening? Can we no longer provide comments to the effect of "Take this up with the support team for XYZ Product." ...
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Renovating the [regex] tag wiki

(EDIT: the wiki change proposed below was incorporated in 2015) The tag wiki for the regex tag has been growing organically for many years, and now contains a substantial amount of tutorial and ...
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Why does it take four clicks to close an already-flagged duplicate?

Many questions are obvious duplicates and have already been flagged as such. Why then isn't it a single click for reviewers to confirm this and close them? It seems like it's more work to vote to ...
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Can we update the "rant" close reason to link to how to *constructively* conduct criticisms of Stack Overflow?

Unconstructive rants from disgruntled users are not uncommon on Meta. There were two of them from the same user about half an hour ago. Those that don't end up being closed as duplicate of Why is ...
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Canonical “Plz send codez” answer? [duplicate]

We have many answers about what to do about no-effort “Plz send codez” questions, but invariably we get enablers justifying doing these peoples' work for them with remarks like “we were all beginners ...
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How can we improve the c# tag to properly clean up of duplicate questions?

This is a very common scenario in the c# tag: Someone posts a rather simple question, it quickly gets one or two answers (usually very brief answers) that just “show the code” without explaining much....
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