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Have expectations increased beyond the reach of new users?

I spend a lot of time reading through old SO Q&As in order to learn more about using Python. It's a format I find more helpful than most of the official docs. However, it seems that the ...
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What is the benefit of closing useful questions?

When there are valid questions that "do not fit" within the SO model, what harm does the question do by simply existing? Why chop off the ability for people to answer these questions when experts are ...
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How should we handle the current void of content at Meta Stack Overflow? [closed]

How can Stack Overflow meta be relevant when half a decades worth of posts were removed and now have no plan to return (New Custom Close Reason: Specific Only To A Certain Site)? There are only 400 ...
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Aren't discussions on Meta often opinion-based to a certain degree?

From the tag excerpt of discussion: A tag for questions that may not necessarily have a clear-cut right or wrong answer and are often subjective. If it's not a bug or feature-request, it is ...
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New users have terrible experiences on SO, and will ultimately be the downfall of this site [closed]

It may not seem like it, but making it hard for new members to be part of your community is the first step in the downfall of an empire. Why do I say this? Because, so far my experience has been ...
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Let's have an "Answering a good question well" modal when users "earn it"

Related to No, I don't want to know how review queues work, I am also annoyed at the well intentioned popup when I visited the review queue today. This got me thinking! This is the perfect ...
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Is the current wording of the Code of Conduct too extreme?

(Despite a title similar to Is the new Code of Conduct over the top?, this one's focus is different.) I agree in principle with the addition of the Code and how it's linked to in the help as ...
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Can you get your account suspended for "joking" around?

Is it possible that my Stack Overflow account will be suspended for joking around? Example: Can posts like these get me banned?
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Give high-rep users immunity from closure when answering

One thing that's an endless source of frustration on SO is having a detailed, strong answer to a question written and ready to submit, only to be rejected because other users have decided that, since ...
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Forced new-user tutorial as a solution to low quality questions

Preface: At the suggestion of another user, I have posted my idea as a feature request. This is an answer to this question. There may be some fluff that is irrelevant to this feature request as this ...
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How to better handle the current flood of VLQ questions?

There were already a few very good related posts, which have asked why the quality of posts is dropping and why high rep users post fewer answers (which I think are related to each other): Why is ...
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Recent spike in the pending Low Quality Reviews count for SO main?

For the past several months the flag count has been steadily in the 100 to 300 count range. However, recently I have been noticing that it is breaking into the 4 digit range, reaching 1150 just now. I ...
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How does Stack Overflow help beginners to prevent them from getting negative votes [duplicate]

Many of them are new for Stack Overflow. There are well and good procedures available for asking questions, but some may not able to ask what they think. At that time they can get negative votes from ...
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Rephrasing "research effort" to something less contentious

The term "research effort" and consequently the phrase "showing research effort" seems to allow for two possible readings: The charitable one: Before writing this question you surely have invested ...
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Should I participate in answering questions? [duplicate]

I'm still an undergraduate student, but I have some experience in a few programming languages. I know that I can answer a lot of the easy questions from other new guys and gals, but should I? Being ...
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