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How do you flag an offensive username when the user has no posts? [duplicate]

We just deleted a rude answer in SOCVR, but the user also made his name rude as well. Since the post was already flagged as spam I couldn't also mod flag it. And there's no way to flag his profile, ...
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Usernames with inappropriate language [duplicate]

Can we have a filter for usernames that contain vulgar words?
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Is there a way to report an offensive pseudonym? [duplicate]

This user: created a trolling question which was immediately deleted. But his pseudonym means "Catholic d*ck" in French. In this ...
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Stack Overflow policy on offensive screennames [duplicate]

I know there is a lot of talk and hype about Stack Overflow becoming more user friendly (in a literal sense). There have been several posts and blogs about becoming a place which is nicer to users, ...
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Are there restrictions on vulgar usernames? [duplicate]

Helping with a question on Stack Overflow earlier, I was more than a bit surprised by the vulgar username. Doesn't Stack Exchange have some type of policy or enforcement mechanism to prevent sexist ...
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What should I do if a username contains a violent message? [duplicate]

I have stumbled upon this user: which is a member since yesterday. The user insist on using user names, resp. profile description, ...
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Is there anything to do with users with a profile picture clearly endorsing violent acts? [duplicate]

I have encountered a user recently, with a profile picture depicting a person appearing to throw a stone using a sling in front of a palestinian flag. I find that this is clear endorsement of violence ...
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Clarify guidelines for flagging words or phrases we perceive to be offensive?

I flagged an answer. SO took me through the process where it asked for the reason for flagging (I chose "offensive") and explained that you should only choose this if "a reasonable person would ...
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Should disguised insulting words in a username be allowed?

Recently, I found a user with name YuckFou. This user name is obviously (at least for me) a disguised version of the f-word, which should not be allowed in a professional context. I flagged this user ...
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Comment custom flagged containing a user with a vulgar name auto marked as helpful

I just custom flagged a comment containing a link to a user profile with a vulgar name on this post (the post isn't really relevant to this question). I chose to custom flag the comment as the user ...
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Why was my flag on an inapproriate username declined?

I flagged an otherwise valid post that was posted by a user with an f-bomb in their name (brainf*** best language). While it was referring to the brainf*** language, it still isn't allowed. This is ...
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Flag about possibly ToS-violating username declined

The user: (clipped for posterity in case something comes of this question). My comment in the mod flag I raised: this user's name could be considered ...
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