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What are the steps to be taken if I think a question has been closed for wrong reasons? [duplicate]

Yesterday, I came across a question (that now happens to be deleted). The question did not show much research effort, and the OP definitely did not put any effort into debugging. However, the question ...
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Question closed as asking for external resource while it isn't [duplicate]

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How to handle a reopen review on a question closed as a duplicate of a now-deleted question? [duplicate]

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In the reopen votes of review queues section, what if an edited question should remain closed, but with a different reason? [duplicate]

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Why is this Java question marked as a duplicate of this C# question?

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How to handle an incorrect close reason that could lead to more bad behaviour

I recently came across a question that admittedly needed some work, but was closed very fast after being asked with a close reason that could very easily cause worse behavior. The question is ...
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Why was this (deleted) question closed as Too broad?

This question is very specific, and there are concrete, specific answers. I don't understand how it could be interpreted as too broad. What type of random number generator is used in the gaming ...
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User edits my code and takes out the very thing I was asking about, I get downvoted, and they delete it

Can I message the guy and tell him what he did? He took out what I was asking about and then there was no question what it meant. Then the title had nothing to do with the code there. I get ...
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What should I do when reason for closing changes in the reopen queue?

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Bad question closed for the wrong reason. Should I vote for reopen? [duplicate]

The question How can I use grep to extract all IP addresses contained in all the files within a directory and sub-directories? looks pretty straightforward to me. The first time I read it, I ...