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Why am I getting docked reputation for someone else's answer? [duplicate]

Maybe I'm confused, but when I hit up my reputation tab I see a -1 reputation for the following answer being downvoted: waiting for all pids to exit in php I didn't write that answer, so I don't ...
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Why get -1 when downvoting an answer? [duplicate]

I have recently earned +500 reputation points, and so now I am able to give reviews on three categories, which are: Triage First Post Late answer Now as a member of Stack Overflow, it is my ...
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What if a downvoter would risk a bit of his own reputation too? [duplicate]

Sometimes I find questions of new contributors that get downvotes with no comments. That's ok, when they are poorly formatted, the quality of the questions is of highest value for SO and the community....
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Why "vote down an answer" if penalized for doing so? [duplicate]

According to the "Reputation & Moderation" portion of the "Help Center", You lose reputation when: your question is voted down: −2your answer is voted down: −2you vote down an answer: −...
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Down-Voting Answers Means Losing Rep? [duplicate]

I just realized that down-voting answers will make you lose 1 rep every single time. There are new users every day and even more getting the ability to down-vote people (YAY! More people controlling ...
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Reputation decrease [duplicate]

I opened an answer for review and saw this: I flagged "it is offensive, abusive, or hate speech" and voted down. Few minutes later I saw that my reputation ...
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Why are up-votes free? [duplicate]

If down-votes cost rep to make the user think before giving a well-deserved down-vote, why can I give out up-votes like hot cakes with no consequence?
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My downvotes are going against me [duplicate]

I downvoted a couple of answers and it downvoted me and affected my tally. Is this how it's supposed to work? How to assign a PHP variable to a JavaScript variable inside JavaScript code? The whole ...
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When does down vote cost you a point? [duplicate]

Just out of curiosity: I down-voted a post and it appeared that it did cost me a point: What I don't understand: when does SO do that? I had other down-votes which did not seem to cost anything. Or ...
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How did I loose -1 rep? [duplicate]

Maybe I'm blind but I can't find any meta questions about loosing one rep for something review related. It links to this answer which I reviewed here. My review was -1, comment and then I'm done 1 ...
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Why there is penalty for down vote? [duplicate]

I have downvoted the answer which is totally irrelevant to the question. Also commented with proper feedback for the posting person. But my reputation goes by -1.
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What is the rationale behind minus reputation for downvoting answers? [duplicate]

IMHO downvoting less constructive answers sometimes contributes just as much to the quality of this site as upvoting the best ones. Especially downvoting fairly popular answers that are still not ...
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Meta hasn't changed at all

Yesterday I've received the following reply: Meta StackExchange actually recommends that most questions, even ones that are network-wide, are asked on child metas first. Then, if it makes sense for ...
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Why do you lose reputation for down voting an answer on your own post?

I see that you lose a reputation point for downvoting an answer on a post. This post explains why. It makes sense to me. It also looks like the most popular post on this topic. The accepted answer on ...
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Downvoting Articles should not cost reputation

Downvoting Articles in Collectives costs 1 reputation point, similarly like downvoting regular answers. According to Why does downvoting an answer cost reputation while questions not? downvoting ...
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