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Link-Only Attitude of Low Quality Posts vs say First Post Queues

I am writing this as a slight twist to this. The issue there has to do with why people get penalized for flagging link-only answers when the faqs say we should flag such posts. That is: Why are ...
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Isn't this answer link-only? [duplicate]

I have flagged this answer several times: [Yes.][1] This isn't the only method for doing it, but this is probably the most elegant method I've encountered. [Here's another one.][2] ...
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Are old, upvoted answers harder to get removed?

Earlier I flagged this answer as NAA, which seemed pretty straightforward to me. I read it as being some commentary relating to the question (but which doesn't answer it), followed by a separate ...
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Old link only answers to personal site that you don't want deleted and you don't know how to edit?

This is very similar to the question from this thread (despite being marked duplicate) and this one. There they state that the best course of actions for some answers, if the resource is otherwise ...
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