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Link-only answer advertising a library - why has it not been deleted? [duplicate]

A little while back, I found an answer that matches the description of a "link-only answer", Source: Which is great, however, you haven't answered their question at all, you've deferred the ...
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Link only answer flag declined. But why? [duplicate]

I'm referring to this answer, which more of looks like a link only answer: Followed @pimvdb's advice, and created my own: Be patient, as it takes ...
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Some link-only answers are immune? [duplicate] Google wrote some code to assist with this. Here's an example: <link> Here are other styled marker examples: <link> And another: ...
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Link only old answers [duplicate]

Its been a while,since I got up to 2k reputation on SO,and unlocked the privilege of editing, and some reviewing tasks.While reviewing low quality answers,I recommend some answers for deletion because ...
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Are "Your code works fine for me" answers acceptable?

I'm sure that this has been asked before, but I couldn't get any similar results through the search. 2 days ago I flagged this answer as "Not an answer", simply because it doesn't answer the question ...
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How should accepted link-only answers be handled?

Is the accepted answer of the question Highlight a word with jQuery not a link-only answer? I have raised a flag about it. A moderator has declined it. Here is a screenshot of the reply from the ...
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How to handle link-only low quality posts?

Isn't this a link only post? Why on earth SO tells me I should have click on "Looks Good"? Not sure if this a duplicate. It seems from there that as long as the link is from a valid site, this is ...
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First timer's answer pointing to open source code and disclosing affiliation, deleted by mod

GPS location is always offset in China asks how to solve a very difficult problem - correcting random map offsets in China due to cold war era regulations and/or protectionism1, 2. The answer is far ...
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Can't flag link-only answers as link-only answers

I wanted to flag this answer as link only. However, I don't seem to have that option when selecting a reason to flag. None of the reasons fit: It is spam - False It is offensive, abusive or hate ...
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How to flag very old link-only answers

Reading this question reminded me of a flagging-related question I've been meaning to ask. I wouldn't be surprised if it was asked before, but I can't find a dupe. Normally if I saw a link-only ...
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What am I missing about when a link only answer is not an answer?

So I found an answer here that I made me think "Link only answer. Kill it with fire." So I went to flag it as Not an Answer and the flag box told me my last flag was declined. So I went to check ...
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Declined flag on link-only answer only because of the number of votes

I recently had a declined flag on this answer. I'm guessing since the answer is accepted and has a high number of upvotes, that is the reasoning behind the declined flag. The answer is an absolutely ...
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What is the policy to delete old up-voted link only answers those cannot be edited in shape?

I recently flagged this answer as Not An Answer being Link-Only answer. My flag was marked helpful. Question was closed as Too Broad. But the answer is not deleted. The NAA flag indicates that the ...
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I'd like to be able to flag again

I ran into one of those bad questions that spawns a raft of bad answers. I flagged several as non-answers or extremely low quality. A mod disagreed, and now, no more flagging for moi. All flags lead ...
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What to do with link only answers with positive scores

I was just looking at the low-quality posts queue and I got this answer. Normally, I would recommend for deletion as a link only answer not spam but it has +5. I know the link is good but then again I ...
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