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How do you process questions that are particularly salient with good answers that are closed? [duplicate]

I'm curious as to how folks handle questions with good answers that get closed. Recently, I was looking for where to find the downloadable Javadoc for a specific instance of Java, the other day (many ...
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What about programming questions where the accepted answer is a library? [duplicate]

I find this frustrating. I asked a question of is there a way to do something. And I got a spot on answer (in a comment). But, the answer was use a part of the Microsoft stack (to work off another ...
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How to answer a question where the answer is really just a link to a software? [duplicate]

I stumbled upon this this question which asks how to change the appearance of tabs in Visual Studio itself. I answered with a link to a Visual Studio extension that does exactly what the question was ...
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Is an answer simply suggesting the name of a package considered low-quality? [duplicate]

The general case Suppose a question asks How can I solve [general problem] in Python? For instance, I would like... [some very specific case] and I answer with the single sentence Here is a ...
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How should accepted link-only answers be handled?

Is the accepted answer of the question Highlight a word with jQuery not a link-only answer? I have raised a flag about it. A moderator has declined it. Here is a screenshot of the reply from the ...
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Canned responses for First Posts from new members

I recently hit 500 rep here on Stack Overflow and I've started entertaining the review section of the site. Since I'm new to that section of the site this may already be available and I am just unable ...
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Make description of “community-specific reason” close reason more clear

I wanted to close Usage of DownloadToByteArray in Windows.Azure.Storage Version as “too localised” because the author “found that she was using the wrong container name”. But I was confused ...
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Deletion of a valid answer by a mod

This answer was deleted by moderators, I believe by mistake. While it's short, it absolutely perfectly answers the question. The question currently has no other answers. Related to this: I think ...
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Why was my spam flag on an answer containing affiliate links declined?

I reported this answer as spam, since it contains affiliate links and does not really answer the question- the flag was immediately declined. Now the user posted the same answer on three different ...
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Question and self answers (not canonical) that start with an off-topic question

I recently wrote a Q&A on Stack Overflow. This question and answer pair were not actually intended to be canonical (at least not as a dupe target). Questions and self answers are encouraged on ...
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Did the site policy regarding link-to-tool answers change?

I flagged this answer as VLQ: ...which was declined by a moderator stating: I don't think it's reasonable for a moderator to delete this outright. The comment you left prompting them to expand ...
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What comment should I add to try-this-tool-only answers?

While try-this-tool-only answers should not be deleted as link-only answers, I would like to add a comment for the user explaining how they can improve their post. There are two similar subtypes of ...
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How would I have asked this question in such a way that it wouldn't get closed? [duplicate]

This question was closed: Is there a WebSocket equivalent that works in Windows 7 that is complete and requires no coding? For this reason: We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for books, ...
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Is it impossible to answer this (good) question?

At the moment this question has 20 upvotes. So I'd consider it valuable. You may notice that I reviewed one of the answer as "link only". The author of the answer replied in the comments that (...
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Rules for voting close when OP is looking for suggestions [duplicate]

How do you word a question that is asking for possible solutions or tools so that it is not immediately closed by observant curators? My question (How to verify external symbols in an .h file to the ....
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