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What if a comment should be the (best) answer? [duplicate]

My question was answered while "chatting" in comments. (I know that's bad and I try to minimize it as good as it gets). What if the user, which gave me the solution, knowing that I'll appreciate his ...
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How can I credit a commenter with giving the right answer? [duplicate]

In my recent StackOverflow question, I got an immediate answer in a comment. There was an interesting and useful actual answer later, but I felt the credit should go to the commenter. I invited him ...
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User left answer in comments, never came back [duplicate]

I have a post here: VS 2015 MVC OutOfMemoryException Where user Graham added a comment which worked me to the answer. I left a followup comment myself asking him to create an answer accordingly and ...
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How should I answer a question "on behalf of"? [duplicate]

I know that answering questions in a comment is bad, but I am grateful to many people for driving me in the right direction, even with a comment (recent case). Is there a way to answer a question on ...
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An "Answered in comments" Link [duplicate]

To recast as a feature-request a great suggestion in an accepted META answer: [W]hy not offer the OP (or high-rep users, or both) an "Answered in comments" link to click? The goal here, I ...
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Recommended way to get comment reposted as an answer [duplicate]

Sometimes, when I ask a question, there's a comment that's really spot on and answering it. In such cases, I let a day or so go by. Then, I ask the commenting user to repost/summarize into an answer. ...
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Feature request: Mark question as answered even when no answers [duplicate]

A typical question which should not have been asked, but asked, and has some useful content is: In the ...
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Should there be a mechanism in place to make users answer as answers instead of comments? [duplicate]

This has been a personal pet peeve of mine lately, (and I see it a lot), because, as I frequently go through the newest questions/top questions/tagged questions lists, these answered questions aren't ...
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Is it OK for the author of a question to post a comment of another user as an answer? [duplicate]

On this question, the author a section SOLVED, because a user's comment was his solution. He requested the other user to post his comment as an answer, but he never did. Would it be OK for the author ...
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Get correct answer in the comment [duplicate]

What should I do if posting a question and someone answers me in the comment and the answer was correct? This happened to me many times and the other answers did not help me. Should I close my ...
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Is it okay to 'delete' a post if the post got answered in a comment? [duplicate]

I always wondered this. Let's say, user X posts a well-formed (basically an on-topic and good) question, which got answered with a comment which was acceptable (to the point where had it been an ...
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Mark comments as answers [duplicate]

Some comments are best suited answers. What should be done in such cases? it will be great if there is a way to mark them as answers.
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We need to stop using Comments to Answer Questions; How should we address this? [duplicate]

There is a very common behavior that I see from users here, both novice and veteran (especially veteran) where the comments section under a question is used as a kind of "quick answer" box, providing ...
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Answering my own question with advice from a deleted comment [duplicate]

I asked this question yesterday and a user (can't remember who) gave an answer that did not help me, but in the comments gave a completely different answer that did help me find a solution. Now that ...
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Handling questions that are answered in comments and likely to fester [duplicate]

Here is a question asked by a very low rep user. The answer was trivial, provided in a comment and acknowledged as a solution by the asker. What do you do in this case? Any subsequent answer will ...
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