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Question Close Reasons - Definitions and Guidance

This community-wiki Q&A is a compiled set of guidance for the close reasons used on Stack Overflow. It's meant to be a canonical repository and a resource for the community – both for authors of ...
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What to do when my comment has been reposted as an answer by another user?

As a fairly new active user on SO, there is this question that was so simple I answered it in the comment. I didn't want to post my thoughts as an answer as, again, the question was so simple I wasn't ...
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What to do when asker offers free rep points?

So there's this question I came by today with the OP asking a question and then solving it himself in an edit. However at the end of his edit he says... those bonus points are still out there for ...
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Is it correct to answer copying from comments by other users? [duplicate]

I just came across this question. As many other questions, the (probably) correct answer is in the comments. Sometimes I also post short, quick, and obvious answers in comments, and provide a ...
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How can I find a balance between overexplaining (which wastes time) and underexplaining (which leads to negative feedback)?

Whenever I write a question, I try to include a lot of information or examples on what code I have and what I want the code to do. However I feel like I over explain: I asked this question on XAML ...
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Access to the source of comment

Could we have a button to have access to the raw text from a comment? Sometimes (hard to tell), I want to add a comment to my answer/question, because it would add valuable information, and comments ...
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Declined flag on plagiarised answer which copied a comment in verbatim without attribution

I came across an answer some days ago which was an exact copy of a comment on another answer to the same question (screenshot). After downvoting the answer, I flagged it for moderator intervention ...
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After posting the question, I found that I had a mistake in the code. Should I delete the question?

Check this question. Immediately after posting it, I found that I had a mistake in the code. But still I feel someone else (new to Laravel) may do the same mistake. So which one would be better? ...
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Is there such thing as an answer that is too simple?

I saw this question today. In case it one day gets deleted, the question was: what is wrong with the following code: if($AlarmValue = "OK" ) {echo "<tr bgcolor='#FF9999'>";} else ...
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Are vote viewing apps discouraged?

I recently found that there are apps that allow you to see the vote count before you get to 1k reputation. Is the use of these apps discouraged?
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Are pastebin links acceptable in comments?

Most people know and understand that links to screenshots (or pastebins) of code or error messages are unacceptable in both questions and answers. The rationale is easy: one can simply copy and paste ...
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Why were my comment flags declined for comments that provided answers?

After answering a question, I NLN (No Longer Needed) flagged two comments under said question that provided an answer (pretty much the same answer as mine), but they were both declined with no ...
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Why is the number of other answers relevant in the Very Low Quality queue?

The Very Low Quality review queue very prominently features the number of other answers in the sidebar when reviewing. Why is this relevant to how you review the question? What's the point of this ...
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What to do with questions which are asked foolishly

If someone has asked a question foolishly and then given a reason for it no longer being a problem (in a comment), for examples: Issue was that/ this I solved it. That was my server issue, it's ...
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On moderation, moderators, quality, value, and alienation

A few days ago I came across a question from Dec 2017, asking: I am getting this error "Unknown host '' You may need to adjust the proxy settings in Gradle" in android studio 3....
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