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How can I vote for an answer to a reply comment? [duplicate]

Someone answered right to my question, but since he only replied to my question and didn't open a new answer, I can't mark this reply comment as the answer to the topic. What should I do in that case?...
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Why is there no option to mark a question solved when I got the answer from a comment? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Java- PrepareRenderer not giving object Data I have asked this question some time ago, and thanks to this very helpful community, I got an answer for ...
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should we give answer to a question which already got an answer in comments [duplicate]

I am going through Magento unanswered questions and found that there is a Question with no answer. I know the answer but I found that there is an answer in comments which already solved the problem of ...
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Is it okay to ask the author of a comment to turn it into an answer? [duplicate]

I feel like this question must have been brought up already but I did not find a duplicate. I have encountered this kind of situation multiple times. As an example see this question. "Mr. Ask" ...
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Is it just of me to use an existing comment as the basis for my answer? [duplicate]

I have recently seen a trend of some detailed comments on the question. Some of these comments have legitimate answers. Is it correct of me to take the information provided through comments, and some ...
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The OP posted a potential answer to this question as a comment [duplicate]

The OP posted a potential answer to this question as a comment and left it at that. Data-Node Does Not Start Based on his comment, I investigated my own issue and was able to resolve my issue which ...
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Question answered in user question or in comments section [duplicate]

I don't know how to really word this but I keep following or coming across questions that are either answered by the user in the question post or by other users in the comments. Should these ...
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"Unanswered" questions with answers in comments [duplicate]

I was browsing through the unanswered perl questions, and came across several in a short time where either the asker or another user answered the question in a comment rather than an answer. I posted ...
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What can another user do when questions are answered in the comments and neither questioner or answerer have posted it as an answer? [duplicate]

I have already seen this thread : (so, don't quote it in your answer). Mark a comment as answer to a question My question is : As a well-meaning volunteer, who wants to keep questions statuses ...
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Etiquette for answering own question based on a comment [duplicate]

Currently I have two questions on SO that are answered by a commenter rather than an answerer. In both cases the comment is in direct response to the question; neither of the questions have any ...
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Post answer to incomplete question that already solved in comments [duplicate]

My question is about this question on SO. The mentioned question is incomplete and you can't answer it until you see the MCVE. So someone trying to help by guessing the problem in the comment section....
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No way to vote "this comment is actually an answer" [duplicate]

I am quite new as a registered user in Stack Overflow, though I had used it for few years not registered. When reviewing question, particularly those said "unanswered", I found out that mostly all of ...
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Should I convert somebody else's comment into an answer? [duplicate]

Following the discussion: What is SO standpoint on comments by A turned into answers by B? consider the situation in which you're "B", and haven't answered yet. That is, a (reasonable) ...
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What to do if somebody's comment is the correct answer [duplicate]

I have asked 2 questions on Stack Overflow where one of the comments is actually the correct answer. In both cases, there is another answer which, while helpful, didn't solve the problem. So my ...
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Should I answer the question if someone has already answered it in a comment? [duplicate]

I came across a question: How to remove specefic rows from linq result I see that there is already a comment that has answered the question and OP has already "accepted" it with another comment. ...
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