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What should I do if my edit is less than 6 characters for an over 100 upvoted answer? [duplicate]

I found a typo on a 127 upvote accepted answer on this post. Iti's more accurate to say that Javascript is synchronous and single-threaded with various callback mechanisms. It should be: It's ...
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Submitting edits with less than 6 characters [duplicate]

Note that this is not a duplicate of What is the reason behind the 6 character minimum for suggested edits? as I'm aware why there is a minimum 6 character edit limit. So I have this editing review: ...
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Requirement for a suggested edit to be a minimum number of characters can be restrictive [duplicate]

Is there a compelling reason for there to be any minimum number of characters for a suggested edit? For a quick typo correction this can be slightly frustrating and encourages fluff to be added in ...
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Why must an edit include at least 6 characters? [duplicate]

I just can't understand why this rule exists. We edit, because we want to improve the questions or answers. Sometimes, there is just a simple punctuation error or a typo. It could be just 1 or 2 ...
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Pointless edits [duplicate]

On this question: Bukkit API How to set material data to an itemstack Someone has edited this post without any revision and all this person edited was changing lowercase letters to capital letters: ...
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Edits that consist of making a code block should be valid [duplicate]

There's a general limitation on the edit - it has to be at least 6 characters. But for some reason, when I change this: some_code some_more_code to this: some_code some_more_code the edit ...
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Adding a tag received a "Edits must be at least 6 characters; is there something else to improve in this post?" [duplicate]

I've been adding missing tags into questions - most often when a tagged item is mentioned in the question itself, but not listed in the tags. This has been successful for the first half-dozen times. ...
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How comes there should be at least 6 characters to edit an answer? [duplicate]

Sometimes, the answers may contains a typo or just a brackets or a parenthesis missing, correcting it won't be more than two characters. Then I just find the restrict is annoying.
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Why is there a six character minimum on edits? [duplicate]

Quite often, I'll want to make a change to a post that's under 6 characters. Sometimes it's for a grammar niggle (e.g. i instead of I, Im instead of I'm), but sometimes it's to actually correct some ...
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Why can't I edit one single typo in an answer? [duplicate]

I have just tried to edit out a typo in the following answer: but the error message says I have to edit at least 6 characters...? who thought this was a ...
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How to treat simple edit of the question [duplicate]

Many times I have seen a good post, with nothing to change (mostly grammar), but the code is not formatted. When I try to format the code, I am not allowed to do it, since I must have at least 6 ...
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What causes you to abandon an edit?

I'm working on that last queue that we'll be adding to /review as part of the quality project, and it's arguably the most interesting piece of the puzzle. It's a queue where folks that are ...
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Why are posts edited to change the code formatting markers?

I have seen some edited posts, which have been edited to change the way that code is formatted. Sometimes, this is also the only edit they make. It will be changed from four spaces indentation to ...
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What should I do if I have a legitimate edit that changes less than 6 characters? [duplicate]

This happened to me lots of times: Someone wrote "fidning" instead of "finding", normal typo, he/she himself/herself would have approved that edit. Syntax correction; something like '!#/bin/bash' to '...
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Suggestion: relax minimum edit when editing your own recent changes

I understand why there is a minimum change when you edit an answer. You can't just change one character, you have to change at least ten characters or whatever the limit is. This is a useful feature ...
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