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Synonymize tags that end in suffixes with ones that don't (there're exceptions, though) [duplicate]

Most tags ending in suffixes (such as "-ing" or a plural "-s") should be synonymized with the root word tag. There's a click tag for the topic of clicking your mouse in a UI. There's also a clicking ...
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Synonymize OR replace [exponents] with [exponent], or the two tags with [exponentiation] [duplicate]

I just stumbled upon these tags: exponent (240 questions) exponents (70 questions) exponentiation (204 questions) exponent and exponents seem to be used for questions that are about the same thing: ...
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Any [revisions] which aren't a [revision]? [duplicate]

We have both revision and revisions, the latter without wiki. Is there anyone able to find a relevant difference between them? As I see it, the singular should merged by a moderator, not just ...
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Merge [package] and [packages] [duplicate]

Merge package and packages There doesn't really seem to be a need for these two to be separate tags, for the same reason that it would be silly to have [database] and [databases] be separate tags.
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Synonymize [graphics] and [graphic] [duplicate]

graphics – 16,518 questions (has synonym: computer-graphics) Graphics are visual presentations. Questions using this tag should also be tagged with the appropriate language and graphics subsystem ...
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Synonymize [models] and [model] [duplicate]

models 2,489 Open Qs A model is an abstract representation of a real-life object or process. Models are a part of the popular MVC pattern, as well as a more general concept in the sciences for ...
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Operate on [operands] or [operand]? [duplicate]

Tag operand: 122 questions, no tag wiki. Most questions seem to have to do with operands; the occasional question seems to be about operators (and may need to be retagged) Tag operands: 91 questions, ...
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Synonym suggestions for plurals [duplicate]

The 5 upvote barrier stops me from suggesting directly, so here are ideas of tags that could be synonyms, for anyone who still needs the Synonymizer badge. packages -> package https://stackoverflow....
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What is the difference between [formula] and [formulas] [duplicate]

Besides the obvious difference: s? I came across this question today: Counting digit in column based on subject And noticed it uses a couple of tags with (almost) equal meanings: [excel-formula] [...
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Merge [imageicon] and [image-icon] [duplicate]

Please merge imageicon (tagged 507 Q&A's) with image-icon (tagged 58 Q&A's), both are used exclusively for Java + Swing questions on SO
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Add [drivers] as synonym for [driver] [duplicate]

I think drivers tag should be used as synonym for driver tag. Because they could be used interchangeable completely. Currently there are 656 questions tagged drivers and 3,940 tagged driver. I no ...
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Can we enter a [relationship]? Regards, [relationships] [duplicate]

Is there a reason for the existence of two separate tags relationship and relationships? The second one contains a more formal description, yet the first one is used more often.
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Alias [fixtures] or [fixture] [duplicate]

fixtures and fixture are both for unit test fixtures. I propose that one is made as an alias of the other. Which one should remain as the primary tag?
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Merge request: [decimalformat] and [decimal-format] [duplicate]

There really isn't much to say here. The two tags have the same exact description with the only difference being a hyphen between the two words. The answer seems obvious. decimalformat and decimal-...
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Merge [class-attribute] and [class-attributes] tags [duplicate]

The class-attribute and class-attributes tags appear to be interchangeable; there doesn't seem to be any difference between the two. I propose that they be merged. In particular, I propose that ...
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