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I have a question about the Eigen library, which is quite specific and relatively likely to go unanswered, although there's always a chance someone with knowledge on this topic might answer it. The ...
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Is it OK to cross-post a question between non-Stack Exchange and Stack Exchange website? [duplicate]

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Question/Answer available outside SE [duplicate]

If there is a question/answer situation that is available on another website, is it considered off topic or in some way duplicate? Maybe I am missing some guideline understanding. Is it beneficial ...
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If I did not get an answer here, is it ok to ask somewhere else? [duplicate]

I have noticed some discouragement of duplicate questions (one question in Stack Overflow and another similar one on a different site). I guess the point is that the solutions should point to the one ...
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Cross-posting between localized Stack Overflow versions

Cross-posting between Stack Exchange sites is disapproved as we can see in Is cross-posting a question on multiple Stack Exchange sites permitted if the question is on-topic for each site? But with ...
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Asking the same question on Stack Overflow and other online forums? [duplicate]

This is specifically for less popular tags like Jdbc , PL/SQL , Weblogic , WLST etc. I have asked questions related to the above tags and have noticed that the post receives very few and sometimes no ...
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Spanish Stack Overflow: how to deal with cross-site duplicates

I've read the Spanish Stack Overflow is about to be created. (I haven't made up my mind whether that seems a good idea or not; but that's a different matter). Consider the following very plausible ...
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Cannot mark question duplicate on another part of Stack Exchange

I discovered a question on Stack Overflow that was identical to one asked on Arduino Stack Exchange. I had already answered it on that other site. I tried to flag it as a duplicate but the link was ...
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Why were these 31 questions about [intersystems-iris] deleted? Was it because they were posted in another site simultaneously? [duplicate]

I'm a community manager on Some time ago I asked a user in our site ( to repost several questions here on SO,...
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Posting a question that is coming from another domain-specific forum

Sometimes I have questions that should also be asked on the specific library/framework official forum, but I'd also like to have it here to gain more possible answers/solutions. Is this generally ...
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How do I handle duplicates when they are asked on other SE sites?

I recently saw the same question asked in two SE sites and I got curious. What should I do if I am answering a question and there is an answer on another SE site. Should I flag the question as a ...
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Is content reposted from another site acceptable?

I was looking at this post today: TFS NuGet tricks that I don't already know about? It looks fine enough, but then I saw this identical post on a different web site, which is dated a couple of ...
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Cross-posting by user and removed question by moderator on SO in Russian. Does our SO has same rules?

Recently I found this question on Meta ruSO. I've seen some posts on Meta SO and on Meta StackExchange, BUT that question was removed by moderator with the reason (translation): If you will still ...
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