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Change the code block button from inserting indentation to triple-backticks

Working with indentation as formatting is a very annoying experience and it's clear that new users have a problem with it. Also, many users seem to be in support for triple-backticks. There are many ...
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Tearing Down the Structure of Documentation [closed]

If you have told us (or privately thought) Documentation isn't working: You are correct. It isn't. Yet. Since early on in the private beta of Documentation, we’ve used a simple, rigid structure: Tags =...
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Meta hasn't changed at all

Yesterday I've received the following reply: Meta StackExchange actually recommends that most questions, even ones that are network-wide, are asked on child metas first. Then, if it makes sense for ...
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Why should I not upload images of code/data/errors?

I am new to Stack Overflow, and I have asked about 5 questions so far. I have uploaded images of my code on most of my questions. On two separate occasions, two different users advised me not to ...
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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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Code formatting article in help center is confusing

Prompted by Does inline code span require HTML escaping?, I took a look at /help/formatting. While it's mostly accurate, there is a fair amount of ambiguous terminology and subtle inaccuracies. I've ...
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Rewriting the official editing help explanation

I think we should be revisiting the official Markdown Editing Help document. I think it's rather impenetrable for people unfamiliar with Markdown. It's terse and sports unnecessarily confusing in-...
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Highlighting parts of code

Is it possible to highlight or emphasize a part of code that's inside backticks or: a code block ? Would be useful for pointing to what's changed, but the FAQ entry doesn't say anything about this.
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Staging Ground Workflow: Canned Comments

Throughout this year, we’ve published several posts about different aspects of the Staging Ground. This post will focus specifically on canned comments that Reviewers can provide on the question. We ...
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Escaping back-ticks works in comments, but not in answers?

I'm not exactly sure why this works as it does, but escaping backticks in comments with backslashes works, but not in answers. For example, consider the following markdown: `\`table\`.\`column\` ...
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Backslash inside backquotes in a comment

I recently posted a comment where I wanted to present =\ inside backquotes. However, the backslash escapes the final backquote (which makes some sense). I tried using double backslashes, but this ...
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How can I include code inside a quotation? [duplicate]

This is so bloody irritating - I finally just managed to format my answer, so code appears inside a quotation using <pre>, and I get "Your post appears to contain code that is not properly ...
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Code block bug when following numbered list?

Not sure if there is a SO bug reporting page and if so I'll delete this... but it came to light with this answer It appears if you try to have a code block immediately follow a list then the first ...
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Minor code formatting problem when placed after a bulleted list [duplicate]

If you put a block of code after a bullet point it doesn't get formatted properly unless there's an intervening line of normal text. Just blank lines doesn't do any good. See my examples below, the ...
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What's the difference between the two code formatting styles (code-fences vs indented blocks) regarding syntax highlighting?

I have been using code fences to highlight my code in SO ```javascript ``` Recently I have noted that my code is being edited and the below syntax is being used <!-- lang-js --> I have seen ...
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