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Upload code with formatting [duplicate]

How can you learn to upload the code step by step with images or videos? The words are hard to translate into something understandable! Does AI artificial intelligence not help?
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Can't submit question on Stack Overflow

I've recently written a question for Stack Overflow. However, there isn't any submit button after I click to review my post: What am I doing wrong here? I'm on a 2021 iMac using Safari if that's ...
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Staging Ground Workflow: Canned Comments

Throughout this year, we’ve published several posts about different aspects of the Staging Ground. This post will focus specifically on canned comments that Reviewers can provide on the question. We ...
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How to paste Python code in Stack Overflow without DIY [duplicate]

Here is an image of correct code (in fact, code of a previous question): If I copy this code and paste it in a code sample in this editor, I got this (another image): So I'm obliged to add a tab at ...
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How can I manually add 4 spaces to code in Stack Overflow answers? [duplicate]

Whenever I paste any code in Stack Overflow by just copying it from Visual Studio Code and pasting it here in the answer field, it shows that I need to add 4 spaces in every line of code so that it ...
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How to manually specify language of a fenced code block in Teams? [closed]

I am just getting started with Stack Overflow for Teams and the editor seems to be different. I type 3 backticks and a code block is automatically created, but the backticks disappear and I can't ...
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Change the code block button from inserting indentation to triple-backticks

Working with indentation as formatting is a very annoying experience and it's clear that new users have a problem with it. Also, many users seem to be in support for triple-backticks. There are many ...
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I'd like to post a reply to this site, but part of the reply is in Delphi code. How do I do that? [duplicate]

I want to respond to a user on Stack Overflow with some comments and some Delphi code. However, I cannot understand how to post the code section. The instructions do not make a lot of sense to me.
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What's the difference between the two code formatting styles (code-fences vs indented blocks) regarding syntax highlighting?

I have been using code fences to highlight my code in SO ```javascript ``` Recently I have noted that my code is being edited and the below syntax is being used <!-- lang-js --> I have seen ...
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Reference for formatting code [duplicate]

A recurring problem with new question-askers is poorly formatted code. When I look at the Help Center I do not find any guide to formatting code. Shouldn't there be something really obvious to help ...
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SO couldn't format the following Lisp code properly [duplicate]

The following code is copied from When I copy it into the body of this question, the indentation goes wrong after line ...
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why stack overflow removing the code and making it shorter? [duplicate]

why stack overflow removing the code and making it shorter ? after editing it happened. it put some code in header, why is so ? or am I missing something ?
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How to include code in a question at Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

When writing my problem and code at Stack Overflow, I'm having difficulty as a beginner at Stack Overflow to understand what HTML or CSS content to use to separate the normal text from code.
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How can I add JSON content in a formatted way in a Stack Overflow question/answer? [duplicate]

I am trying to post JSON content in a Stack Overflow question, but it displays in a single line and want it in a formatted way.
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"Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code" even if not [duplicate]

I am trying to post a question and I can't because I always get this error: "Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code" Even if I can see on the preview that ...
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