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Minor code formatting problem when placed after a bulleted list [duplicate]

If you put a block of code after a bullet point it doesn't get formatted properly unless there's an intervening line of normal text. Just blank lines doesn't do any good. See my examples below, the ...
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How can I include code inside a quotation? [duplicate]

This is so bloody irritating - I finally just managed to format my answer, so code appears inside a quotation using <pre>, and I get "Your post appears to contain code that is not properly ...
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Comment with inline code that is just a backtick [duplicate]

This is definitely a small edge case, but I haven't found a way to format as inline code ` in comments. The first comment on this question will demonstrate the problem (otherwise the question will be ...
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Why is it so hard to add code? [duplicate]

I always struggle for like 10min trying to add code to my question.. I either have to paste it all in, then go and manually add spaces, or I use Ctrl+K and paste it in one line at a time. Is this ...
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How do I insert inline code snippets on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I'm sorry for having to make a post to ask this, but I looked in all the documentation. If there's a link with finite details on posting techniques/code, please provide! Thanks. I simply want to ...
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Is there a way to indent a chunk of code? [duplicate]

When formatting a question, I usually copy and paste the code that I want examined. But it is somewhat cumbersome to have to indent every line of code by 4 spaces, is there a more efficient way of ...
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How can I upload a file to Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I need to upload my code and put it in my question. How can I do that? If there's no way to do so, then show me an alternative way (for example, a website I can upload my file and then use its link on ...
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Code not appearing in code blocks [duplicate]

I believe this is a bug, but I'm not 100% sure. I added my code to the editor, and indented four spaces, but the code still doesn't show in a code block. This is what it looks like in edit: This ...
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How to format code easily? [duplicate]

Can you tell me how to write code in Stack Overflow easily as it's hard to press Ctrl + K every time I write a sentence? I have checked the advanced help and I didn't get it.
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Can't seem to get a code block to be formatted correctly [duplicate]

In this answer, I have a code block: public class LocalizedStrings { public string this[string key] { get { return App.ResourceLoader....
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How to paste Python code in Stack Overflow without DIY [duplicate]

Here is an image of correct code (in fact, code of a previous question): If I copy this code and paste it in a code sample in this editor, I got this (another image): So I'm obliged to add a tab at ...
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Reference for formatting code [duplicate]

A recurring problem with new question-askers is poorly formatted code. When I look at the Help Center I do not find any guide to formatting code. Shouldn't there be something really obvious to help ...
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The use of <pre> for formatting code hides <> symbols [duplicate]

I was posting a code that used If <> Condition, however when I tried to use the {} to Format the code after an Item List -. It just didn't work, as can be seen below: sdad fdsfds fdsfs dsfsd ...
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How to add the code when I ask questions on stack overflow? [duplicate]

How do I add the codes, when I ask questions on stack overflow?. I tried to copy it from MyEclipse or type Ctrl + K according to its reminder but failed.
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How to write code on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

As I am having issues writing it, how do I put the code in here? I have tried it writing like public function __construct() { $this->paginate_limit = Config::get('constants.paginate_limit'); ...
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