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Code Sample doesn't display when it starts with a <I

See this answer: It has this code snippet: < Import Project="$(MSBuildToolsPath)\Workflow.Targets" /> If you attempt to edit the question, and remove the space between the < and Import, ...
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Why don't comments support the full markdown?

If you read the formatting help for comments it reads: Comments use mini-Markdown formatting Why isn't the full markdown (the one that can be used on answers/questions) used?
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format text using blockquotes

There is something with stackoverflow editor that's making me crazy. I use block quotes to quote a text (obvious), to print an output or, in java, to print an stacktrace. However, it doesn't respect ...
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Adding Code Sample functionality seems buggy

When asking a question, it's important to add readable code. So, when wanting to ask a question recently, I clicked the Code Sample > {} icon and pasted the formatted code into place, which results ...
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Sql formatting Suggest

In many cases, we find queries look like this ugly and unread query : update P20_Extract_Invoice n1,P20_Extract_Invoice n2 set n1.Closure_Status = 'FAILURE',n1.Failure_Reason = 'DUPLICATE_ENTRY' ...
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Table format support [duplicate]

Some systems, e.g. Trac, Wiki support the creation of tables. Tables could be created in these systems by using ||. Is it possible to create tables on Stack Exchange as well? E.g: || City || ...
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Minor improvements to accessibility of info regarding code formatting

Questions seeking help for formatting code blocks, like this one (poor approach, granted), have popped up before and are likely to come up again. It's easy enough to hover over the tool buttons in ...
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Why can't I format my code properly? [duplicate]

I wrote this answer and realised that the formatting is very messed up. I tried adding four leading spaces on each line, the text is still formatted as normal text. I tried <code> and ...
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Why can't I put the code in the right format? [closed]

There are no blank lines in my original code. Why are there so many blank lines after publishing? My original code It is more clear to check here. Effect on a published webpage
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