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How do you automatically indent code for SO? [duplicate]

Whenever I ask a coding question, sometimes it might be needed to post a large amount of code. How can I mass edit the code to include the four spaces before each line of code without doing it ...
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How to make key words of code highlight on SO [duplicate]

How to make key words of code highlight on SO? When I choose C tags, it does. But sometimes the code is not C.
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Android layout code not displaying in Stack Overflow post [duplicate]

Can someone help me to edit my question? I don't understand why my Android layout is not displaying in my post.
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Code samples don't format correctly after numbered lists [duplicate]

There are three examples that I discovered when trying to post some R code (with carets) Example 1 List item 1 List item 2 List item 3 code sample after list of items. it's a two liner make that ...
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How to post an HTML tag when asking question [duplicate]

How can I post the HTML tag when pasting the tags here in the body? It displays the output when I am pasting the HTML body. Like in the below example: This should be a long div tags... but it ...
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The Answer Box doesn't accept XML code [duplicate]

When I'm trying to enter an XML snippet into the answer box, it is not showing; I think because of its similarity to HTML. Though I don't know if this is a deliberate attempt or a bug in the system. ...
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Why is there no auto-indent? [duplicate]

More often than not, we're pasting code into a SO question or answer, and if/because it's properly indented, ctrl+k or the {} button is enough to properly format it. But once in a while, I write code ...
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Write an answer on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

How can I write an answer that includes code on Stack Overflow? I wrote an answer, but don't be shown completely and I read Stack Overflow's help, but it doesn't help me. Which tag and sign ...
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Why do strings containing angle brackets get swallowed by the renderer? [duplicate]

Why when I type a string like IOrderedQueryable'<'TModel'>' IOrderedQueryable<TModel> in answer part without adding spaces before it to make it code part, it wasn't shown in my sentence? I ...
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Issue with code format? [duplicate]

I edited some stackoverflow question to remove the "js-snippet" markup. But after the edit, the code highlighter did not "pick up", so the code was not highlighted, I had to add <!-- language: lang-...
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Is There A Better Way To Paste Sample Code? [duplicate]

Whenever I use the Code Sample tool to paste code I have to manually edit to add spaces to the beginning of most of the lines. I feel that I must doing something wrong. Can anyone advise me?
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Upload code with formatting [duplicate]

How can you learn to upload the code step by step with images or videos? The words are hard to translate into something understandable! Does AI artificial intelligence not help?
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How to include code in a question at Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

When writing my problem and code at Stack Overflow, I'm having difficulty as a beginner at Stack Overflow to understand what HTML or CSS content to use to separate the normal text from code.
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About sending a XML file here [duplicate]

This question is not about any programming language, it is about this box where i am typing this question, which is what if i want to paste an XML file here to ask some question about it?
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Code formatting on Stack Overflow for statisticians and other non-typical programmers [duplicate]

I am a statistician and I'd like to submit a few programming questions to Stack Overflow, but I am in need of some help. Like many statisticians, I am somewhat familiar with R, SAS, and LaTeX, but my ...
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