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The user research behind Discussions

As you might have noticed, we launched an experiment on Stack Overflow called Discussions (currently only available within the NLP Collective). This post is the origin story behind this feature, ...
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New Collective: Mobile Development – Scope, community, and questions

Today, the Mobile Development Collective is launching on Stack Overflow. In case you’re new to Stack Overflow or want a refresher, collectives helps users find trusted answers faster, connect with ...
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Does this specific question deserve re-opening?

Disclaimer: I already know that re-opening a closed question can normally be handled by re-open votes. The problem is that: I hold a gold badge for Python so I can reopen the question with my single ...
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Can I ask a question asking for clarification between the differences of two very closely related technologies? [duplicate]

There are libraries, but searching online I can't find anything comparing them. Can I ask this type of questions here or are they too broad?
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Is there a specific rule that says that comparing languages is off-topic? [duplicate]

Is there a specific rule that says that comparing languages is off-topic? These days, questions comparing languages are getting closed, but a few years ago, that wasn't the case. For example, my ...
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Comparing programming languages [duplicate]

I want to share and get feedback about a (simple) algorithm that is a pretty popular algorithm (recursive function) written in two programming languages (Python & C++). It's basically a comparison ...
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Why is a list of comparisons subjective? [duplicate]

This question is a response to my question about OpenGL libraries being put on hold. The question in question: The question was put on hold as being ...
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What is the benefit of closing useful questions?

When there are valid questions that "do not fit" within the SO model, what harm does the question do by simply existing? Why chop off the ability for people to answer these questions when experts are ...
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Should framework comparison questions be deleted?

A few months/years back I answered a question about the comparison of AngularJS and Dojo (two JavaScript frameworks). At that time I wasn't familiar with the rules so I still attempted to answer it ...
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Popular helpful question/answer deleted rather than locked

My inquiry is regarding this deleted post: Why Use AngularJS instead of jQuery It has nearly 90k views and has a lot of votes both on the question and my answer. I do recognize that the post is not a ...
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Can a feature comparison question be on topic nowadays on SO [duplicate]

This question Feature comparison of Delphi and MS Visual Studio community edition was asked today on SO. The author explicit tried to exlude opinion based answers and recommendations. Just the facts, ...
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'Product Comparison' question on hold, how should OP proceed?

Original question Should I use H2 database or MySQL for production use? [on hold] I understand that EMM 1.1 ships with H2 database as default. Is it good for production use? Should I prefer the use ...