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I cannot comment and get "Comments can´t contain that content" [duplicate]

Currently I cannot comment on any question or answer on Stack Overflow. I receive: Comments can't contain that content Response is 500 (Internal Server Error) POST
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Am I not to assume that the author has made an attempt to solve the problem? [duplicate]

In a lot of posts on SO, there are questions that ask how to do something without first making an attempt to solve the problem (or at the very least stating what they believe could work). Seeing ...
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"Comments cannot contain that content" [duplicate]

Similar to the Vague and unclear “Comment cannot contain that content” error, I recently received this error for a comment that said simply What have you tried? However, this passed: What have ...
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Meta hasn't changed at all

Yesterday I've received the following reply: Meta StackExchange actually recommends that most questions, even ones that are network-wide, are asked on child metas first. Then, if it makes sense for ...
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Is it okay to downvote questions asking if some code could work but not actually trying it? [duplicate]

Should we downvote questions asking if a specific feature the OP wants to try works, when the OP hasn't tried the posted code? I sometimes see questions where the OP is posting some snippet of code ...
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Should I flag comments that are encouraging OP to use ChatGPT to write their code?

A new contributor just asked a very broad question, something like: Can you write a simple broadcast script in JavaScript or php just give me an example or if you brief explain please explain The ...
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Removing comments that are no longer relevant (but were at the time of posting)

Sometimes I miss something in an answer or I get something wrong. There comes a comment along the line: you missed this / You are wrong here and my answer - if it is not immediately fixable - is: ...
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Has the "What have you tried?" comment policy changed?

I flagged a comment yesterday, which I expected to be deleted with a single flag. My action did not remove the comment and my flag was declined. The comment was not accompanied by a reasonable bit ...
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Is this comment asking for code fine?

I'm wondering if this comment is fine: post code/Code's you have tried... It was the first comment on the question, IIRC, but many more better comments were posted later. Context: this is the ...
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"What have you tried" vs. new Code of Conduct [duplicate]

Comments can't contain that content - "What have you tried?" seems to not be the case (or the comment on How to change the logic for the last element while mapping an array is far enough ...
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Automatically block obvious "thank you" comments from being posted [duplicate]

I noticed that comments like "What have you tried?" are blocked from being posted, but "thank you very much" / "this works for me" comments are not blocked (and are found ...
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