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How to deal with serial tag-only edits from Sub 2k users?

I was reviewing Suggested Edits today and came across a good 10 reviews in a row with tag only edits from a single user Example Now at first I thought, okay nothing suspicious. But I quickly ...
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Should I approve edits removing seemingly relevant tags? [duplicate]

Since I recently reached the 2k mark, I've gained the ability to approve or reject edits. I've noticed a few suggested edits now that are simply getting rid of tags, and the comment will say something ...
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Do tag-only edits add value to questions? [duplicate]

The Stack Overflow "How to ask a good question" page recommends that questions should "include all relevant tags". And to "try to include a tag for the language, library, and ...
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Suggested Edits - Improving ONLY the tags [duplicate]

I've just earned enough reputation to start reviewing the suggested edits. Awesome! So I've started to work my way through the edits list. However, I've come across a large number of suggested edits ...
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Suggested edit: Should only tags removed be approved [duplicate]

While reviewing suggested edit, I frequently come across suggested edits that have only 1-2 tags removed nothing else is changed or touched. Suppose in an Android related post OP tagged android-studio ...
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On using Tag-only edits for post visibility/categorization [duplicate]

Other posts on meta about tag-only edits mostly revolve around editors bulk editing to add tags just because they can; adding Language X to any post tagged with Library Q, for instance. Tag-only edits ...
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"Too minor" edits - better to leave poor quality on the site?

I have seen a few posts recently on this meta site that make me wonder about "minor edits": Review ban because of approving burninate tag edits What is wrong with minor edits? When an edit only fixes ...
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Should I approve suggested edits that only add a language to a code block?

I came across an edit that only added a language to the code block, i.e. ``` > ```java After looking around, I found this answer which suggests yes, always, as long as it's the only thing that ...
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What should we do with "How to solve common errors in Google Apps Script development"?

Recently How to solve common errors in Google Apps Script development was posted and had several upvotes, but it was also closed. NOTE: This is not a duplicate of What to do about hundreds of the ...
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Why was my edit adding an appropriate tag to a question rejected? [closed]

I am confused. Many times when I was asking a question here I was seeing this question edited just to retag it. Nevertheless when I was trying to edit a question just to add an appropriate tag the ...
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Is simply retagging enough to have an edit approved?

I'm aware this is a similar question: OK to approve edits that only add/remove tags Whilst doing some reviewing I came across a number of edits from a particular user that was doing some serial ...
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My edit was rejected, should I suggest the exact same edit again?

I check slim (a PHP framework) tag regularly. Sometimes I see these questions are actually about the Slim template engine for Ruby and should be tagged with slim-lang instead, so I usually suggest an ...
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Mass-edits adding tag-synonym candidate [duplicate]

During edit-reviewing I noticed that currently a user is mass-editing posts tagged [bluetooth-lowenergy] by adding the [ble]-tag which is proposed as a synonym but not yet accepted. Does double-...
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Is it a minor edit if you add a tag that makes the question much more obvious to anyone skimming through the feed?

Many many times I've been scrolling through the question feed and see questions that have big chunks of code, using API's or frameworks of some sort that include only the tag for that API or framework....
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Retag edit rejected due to being too minor, but new editor ignored retag

I spend a lot of time in the wpf tag (often also tagged with c#) and I notice a lot of posts end up there that really should just be tagged c# since they are working on a wpf app but the question only ...
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