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Can we remove vote lock-in?

It appears that the purpose of votes getting locked in after a few minutes is to prevent people from gaming the system with "tactical downvotes." It also appears that pretty much everyone agrees this ...
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Is a trivial edit acceptable if it is to fix an accidental vote?

I accidentally down-voted this question. By the time I realized I had done it, it was past the 5 minute grace period and now I cannot take that vote back. From reading on Meta, I know that the vote ...
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Am I allowed to make a 'useless' edit to an answer to unlock my vote [duplicate]

From time to time I look back at 'old' votes and I think hmm, I don't agree with my own vote anymore, let's change that but I can't because it's locked. In some cases I've commented asking if the ...
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How does vote locking work?

I often get the message "You last voted X minutes ago. You're vote is now locked unless the Post is edited." Or something similar. When and how do votes get "locked"? Is it after a certain amount ...
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What is the reason behind disallowing to change a vote? [duplicate]

What is the rationale behind this? You last voted on this answer 8 hours ago. Your vote is now locked in unless this answer is edited. I used the code 8 hours ago, it worked. I use it under ...
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Make it easier to remove a bogus or accidental down-vote? [duplicate]

The inability to remove a down-vote from an answer after a short time has elapsed seems like an unnecessary restriction. One can work around it by editing the answer first, but it seems that this ...
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Expire vote locks after a month

Currently, we can't un-upvote or un-downvote answers we voted on in the past. This is to prevent strategic voting and is generally a good thing©. However, sometimes I want to un-upvote or un-...
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Remove up vote without lock-in [duplicate]

I recently up voted an answer to a question because it seemed accurate based on the information provided. I spent more time looking into the issue myself and now it seems the answer was not fully ...
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Cancelling accidental down-vote by up-voting loses 1 reputation

I clicked accidentally on the down-vote button (while copying text); to correct this, I clicked up-vote but I lost one reputation point. Is it correct and how do I avoid this?
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Downvoting on meta posts [duplicate]

After the MSO/MSE split there is no reputation system for this meta. So now there is no negative reputation for downvoting on posts? Previously there was -1 reputation (like on Stack Overflow) for ...
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Can't fix up incorrect upvote? [duplicate]

I can't change my vote on an answer (to someone else's question). I voted a question up accidentally but found that pushing the down arrow after that would not let me remove my vote. After returning ...
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retracting an upvote no longer works [duplicate]

I up-voted an answer and later decided that I decided to retract the upvote. It seemed that this was possible in the past, but today this was not allowed. Has the policy on upvote retraction been ...
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Ask question, get answer, up-vote, try it, find out it doesn't work, answer upvotes locked until user edits? [closed]

So this is probably my fault for upvoting before testing... But should upvotes and downvotes for answers really be locked for the asker of a question? I guess from now on I'll test before upvoting....
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Can we please allow changing votes? [duplicate]

The rationale behind locking in votes is to prevent "tactical downvoting" - more specifically, to prevent people from getting their reputation back after downvoting. However, this comes at a huge ...
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Can I have more time to retract up- or downvotes? [duplicate]

Often I take time to reevaluate the input I have given into stackoverflow. The stackoverflow content improves iteratively. Regarding up and downvotes, I would like to have more time to retract them ...
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