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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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Throw out the [in] tag

Stack Overflow has an in tag, without any questions to its name. I understand that unused "zombie" tags are removed by an automatic process that runs at 03:00 UTC every day, but the in tag ...
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How can I get this tag renamed that I just created?

By tagging my latest question with vaadin-12 I created a new tag because there was no question yet for Vaadin 12 which has been released December 2018. But after creating the tag, I saw that for the ...
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New Tags: octal-number, octal-system, binary-system and binary-number - who accepted these new tags?

I found that octal-number, octal-system, binary-system and binary-number are four new tags since yesterday. There is already an octal and a binary tag. octal-*:
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Should the [korean] tag be burninated/deleted?

The korean tag has only one question, no usage guidance and no tag wiki. IMO, the tag doesn't add anything valuable to the post and the site in general. Also refer to a related question about the ...
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I've Made a Tagable Mistake [duplicate]

So I felt like I needed this tag in half the questions that I was asking, and I went to all the trouble of defining it. But I've learned that I cannot spell. That should have been "zero-...
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Why did the newest visual tag get so many watchers?

I got to the newest tags first page and looked at the newest tag, visual. But when I hovered on it, I got this: How this could happen? There is only one question (actually zero, but not updated), and ...
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Is this new "pyhton" tag a typo? [duplicate]

Just came across this new tag pyhton which is most likely a typo. I did a quick search just in case and I couldn't find anything conclusive. The only question using it is referring to python anyway: ...
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Typo in the angular-ng-disable tag [duplicate]

I think that the angular-ng-disable tag should be renamed to angular-ng-disabled, since the directive itself is named ngDisabled. I don't know how to submit such a change request so I'm asking here. ...
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I made a typo in a new tag name, how can I correct that? [duplicate]

I would like to introduce .net-attributes, but I incorrectly typed .net-attibutes (without the r). How do I resolve that?
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Can the [c++] tag be removed from Meta StackOverflow? [duplicate]

There's only a single question that uses it validly (I have removed it meanwhile), but it's not really adding value for research here. The only effect of this tag may be that users feel encouraged to ...
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What are tags without questions? with existing synonym

I found tags as weblogic-11g and weblogic-8.x that exists in the tag list, but there are no questions and no wiki or information as weblogic-10.x/info. Should these tags be removed? If not, why isn't ...
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Let's remove the [jbdc] tag [duplicate]

I came across an edit that replaced the jbdc tag with the jdbc tag. I looked up jbdc thinking it may have some obscure meaning in the programming context, but it looks like it just stands for "...
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Why are new tags not deleted in the grace period?

I read How can we get rid of misspelled and unused (or "zombie") tags? and its answer and as I tried out the auto-vivification of tags beyond 1,5 rep, I found no traces of this edit due to ...
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Burninate [mule-choice] [duplicate]

mule-choice is used in only 1 question and can be accidentally used as a misspelling of multiple-choice (especially when posting from mobile, with a zealous autocorrect) Tags not associated with ...
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