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What is the [pf] tag? [duplicate]

So I came across a tag, pf. It has no description and no questions. What is the point of it? It has 8 watchers, though.
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What happens to a tag when all its questions are gone? [duplicate]

When I see stupid tags like inventions with only very few questions I usually re-tag them so the tag is empty. I imagine that the tag is then removed after some time and can only be reinstated by ...
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Retag the "Regxe" tag [duplicate]

I'm unable to see whether there is any discussion or plans around submitting tags for clean-up (i.e. flag for improvement / rep-based authority), so I'm going to submit a few requests to tidy up the ...
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Request to delete [apoc] [duplicate]

I just posted a new question and accidentally created the apoc tag, when I wanted to use the neo4j-apoc tag. It does not look like I have the ability to delete the tag, so I would appreciate if ...
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How can I correct a typo in a tag? [duplicate]

This comes up every now and then; I have checked various answers, but I couldn't find an adequate answer. E.g.: I made a typo in a new tag name, how can I correct that? I made a typo in a new tag deep-...
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Removal of [androd] tag [duplicate]

This is obviously misspelled: I think this should be removed.
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Burninate [delphi-berlin] [duplicate]

Correct name for this tag (a valid delphi version name) is delphi-10.1-berlin. I replaced all delphi-berlin tags (a handful or two) with delphi-10.1-berlin, so can we burninate this tag, please?
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Found tag with a typo'd name. What do I do? [duplicate]

I was reviewing suggested edits when I came across an edit to a new tag wiki, regex-spit. It looks like it was just recently made by the author of the only question in the tag. It looks like that ...
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Merge [material-design-lite] and [material-design-light]? [duplicate]

material-design-lite ▷ 606 questions material-design-light ▷ 4 questions ▷ edited/retagged: now zero The latter is the correct spelling of the word "light" but an incorrect spelling of the former ...
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Shall we remove [appinsights] tag? Or just add it as a synonym? [duplicate]

The tag appinsights is clearly a duplicate of the tag azure-application-insights. Let's just kill it, maybe?
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Rename the tag "" to "" [duplicate]

To moderators, please rename the tag "" to ""
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Why is a tag named 'fuckit' allowed on Stack Overflow?

There is a tag named fuckit on SO, wondering how such tags are allowed?
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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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How can I get this tag renamed that I just created?

By tagging my latest question with vaadin-12 I created a new tag because there was no question yet for Vaadin 12 which has been released December 2018. But after creating the tag, I saw that for the ...
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New Tags: octal-number, octal-system, binary-system and binary-number - who accepted these new tags?

I found that octal-number, octal-system, binary-system and binary-number are four new tags since yesterday. There is already an octal and a binary tag. octal-*:
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