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I've Made a Tagable Mistake [duplicate]

So I felt like I needed this tag in half the questions that I was asking, and I went to all the trouble of defining it. But I've learned that I cannot spell. That should have been "zero-...
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I made a typo in a new tag name, how can I correct that? [duplicate]

I would like to introduce .net-attributes, but I incorrectly typed .net-attibutes (without the r). How do I resolve that?
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Is this new "pyhton" tag a typo? [duplicate]

Just came across this new tag pyhton which is most likely a typo. I did a quick search just in case and I couldn't find anything conclusive. The only question using it is referring to python anyway: ...
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Accidentally created the wrong tag [duplicate]

While posting a question on Azure Cosmos DB's Gremlin API, I created the azure-cosmosdb-graphapi tag (to complement the existing azure-cosmosdb-sqlapi, azure-cosmosdb-mongoapi, and azure-cosmosdb-...
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Typo in the angular-ng-disable tag [duplicate]

I think that the angular-ng-disable tag should be renamed to angular-ng-disabled, since the directive itself is named ngDisabled. I don't know how to submit such a change request so I'm asking here. ...
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This tag is [never] useful [duplicate]

I was looking around in the tags page on Stack Overflow, and I found this strange little tag called never. What's the point of this tag? It doesn't have a tag wiki, and there're no questions tagged ...
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Merge tags: [ipad-pro] and [ipadpro] [duplicate]

The tag ipadpro should be renamed in ipad-pro and used as synonym.
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Burninate [mule-choice] [duplicate]

mule-choice is used in only 1 question and can be accidentally used as a misspelling of multiple-choice (especially when posting from mobile, with a zealous autocorrect) Tags not associated with ...
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Can the [c++] tag be removed from Meta StackOverflow? [duplicate]

There's only a single question that uses it validly (I have removed it meanwhile), but it's not really adding value for research here. The only effect of this tag may be that users feel encouraged to ...
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Delete [sprint-boot] [duplicate]

I accidentally created this tag. Can someone please delete it?'s user avatar
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DocumentDB tag created [duplicate]

I just created the DocumentDB tag. I failed to search adequately, and didn't notice that the azure-documentdb already existed. My tag has been edited off of all questions, so it points to nothing. ...
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You are attempting to create tag [google-cloud-robotics] but [googlecloudrobotics] exists [duplicate]

I mis-typed it without dashes first. All the docs we upload link to the tag with dashes. Can we register both linking them to the same tag? Or how should we proceed? To be clear, I'd like to use [...
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Kill the [8.1] tag [duplicate]

I was browsing the new tags page, when I spotted the 8.1 tag, of which the former was created sometime yesterday (apparently). The tag itself is ambiguous as it could refer to anything named/...
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Let's remove the [jbdc] tag [duplicate]

I came across an edit that replaced the jbdc tag with the jdbc tag. I looked up jbdc thinking it may have some obscure meaning in the programming context, but it looks like it just stands for "...
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Burninate [programming-competitions] [duplicate]

programming-competitions has 0 questions, 0 followers and no wiki summary. In fact, it does not have anything. Burninate?
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