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Account suspended for 1 year? Is this correct?

I stumbled upon an answer by a particular user. Since it had 3 upvotes, I wondered what's wrong, because the user has only 1 reputation. Going to his profile, I saw that the account is suspended. ...
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Difference between a ban and lifetime suspension? [duplicate]

Won't link, but there is a person for whom The suspension period ends on Mar 18 '92 at 16:28 Why bother issuing 70+ year long suspension instead of outright giving a ban hammer? Could it be a mod ...
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Isn't there a limit on account suspension time? [duplicate]

I have found questions detailing changes to automatic review bans being extended beyond 30 days but I always thought the account suspension was anywhere between 1 day and a year (see here for Jeff's ...
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Is it legitimate to "buy" Stack Overflow reputation?

Saw this earlier on Freelancer, and wondered what the consensus was? One view point would be ...
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Suspicious users found: active only one day, many upvotes cast

Using data explorer, I have found several users that match the suspicious criteria: User account was created and abandoned the same day. User has no posts themselves but edited others posts to gain ...
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Meta hasn't changed at all

Yesterday I've received the following reply: Meta StackExchange actually recommends that most questions, even ones that are network-wide, are asked on child metas first. Then, if it makes sense for ...
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Show cases when my review differs from the community consensus

When I click on my review history in, for example, Low Quality Posts Review History (bottom right corner), I would like to see reviews where my opinion was different from the community consensus. For ...
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Someone continuously down-voting my questions

On March 13 I wrote this answer on a question and @2dee commented on my answer and was asking for proof of what I have said in my answer, but at that moment I couldn't find the proof so I told them ...
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Wrong explanation about why can't I edit locked post

I opened my old locked post Suspension till 2027 and hovered my mouse above "edit" button. Just was interested, what alt text would appear. And saw: Suggested edits are not allowed on non-tag-wiki ...
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Consequences of Failing audits, and rejected edits

I Occasionally fail review audits, and have been blocked for a day or so due to bad behavior as well. (I am still learning. . .). I wanted to know what (if any) are the long term impacts of failed ...
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