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Is it a good idea to ask if there are tools or technology available for a specific task? [duplicate]

I often find myself in situations where I have a project idea that might involve things that I don´t really know anything about and I´m not even aware if there´s technology available to accomplish the ...
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How to approach a moderator who has closed my question because they think it is a matter of opinion, when I can show that it's about facts [duplicate]

I've just posted the question at . In it, I'm asking for software that: (1)...
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Bringing the Stack Overflow mission and mindset up to date with contemporary programming practices [duplicate]

This is the most problematic aspect of Stack Overflow at the moment for me: Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are off-...
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Is this question off-topic for Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Is question Any debugger for Java 8 Nashorn off-topic for Stack Overflow? I'd say yes, but there's some back-and-forth. I'm actually a bit ambivalent about this one since it's directly related to a ...
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Why are these questions on hold? [duplicate]

I refer to my questions
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Are recommendations for books or tools off topic? [duplicate]

I suggested that someone check the “How to ask” section. While I was there, I browsed some other topics, and I found the section What topics can I ask about here? Please explain to me why software ...
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How would I have asked this question in such a way that it wouldn't get closed? [duplicate]

This question was closed: Is there a WebSocket equivalent that works in Windows 7 that is complete and requires no coding? For this reason: We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for books, ...
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Can I ask the following question? [duplicate]

Is it allowed for me to ask the following question on Stack Overflow? Where can I find a suitable SparkJob to test performance metrics of spark on a specific system & what's the best way of ...
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I have a screenshot that I think is from a software package. Would it be appropriate to post it in the hope that someone can identify it? [duplicate]

It's from a rules-engine I believe, so would tag it appropriately.
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How do I ask for resources without my question getting removed? [duplicate]

So as you know there is a rule which states: Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow as they ...
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Where to ask how to start with stuff related to programming? [duplicate]

that is my question. I was in Stack Overflow and I asked: How to start with ReactJS?, then 4 downvotes comes up and the question was put on hold for this reason: put on hold as primarily opinion-...
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Request to reopen question on 'Which framework' [duplicate]

This question was closed as not constructive, long ago: Which JavaScript framework should I use for a Cordova project? I have edited the question and added some additional factors to consider while ...
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Where can I ask programming related questions about if there is a tool for doing task X? [duplicate]

I asked a question on stackoverflow about if there is a tool which is able to detect conflicts in two CSS files, but the question was closed as off-topic with the following reason: We don’t allow ...
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Rules for voting close when OP is looking for suggestions [duplicate]

How do you word a question that is asking for possible solutions or tools so that it is not immediately closed by observant curators? My question (How to verify external symbols in an .h file to the ....
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There is not a single rule anywhere that states asking for sources is forbidden [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Gameboy advance assembly I have read the how to ask page, the code of conduct and even the faq, but couldn't find any single rule that states asking ...
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