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When to flag an answer as "not an answer"

With respect to some flag rejection messages I received recently, the following seems to be a few of the guidelines for judging an answer: If it's an incorrect answer, downvote it. If you don't agree ...
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What do we do with answers that are entirely copied and improperly attributed (only a "reference" link or similar is included)?

I stumbled across a long and in depth answer earlier that thoroughly explained a topic. It seemed quite helpful though oddly verbose for SO, and then I noticed at the bottom there was a reference link....
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Removing my answer because it pointed the questioner to a video tutorial [duplicate]

I recently answered a user question by directing the questioner to a video tutorial that specifically dealt with his question. The person asking the question found the tutorial addressed all his ...
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Link answers from framework/SDK/tool authors which address the problem

I'm creating this topic bearing in mind the existence of the following threads: Flagging link-only answers Some "link-only" answers are actually appropriate ...and numerous other similar ...
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Is a link a good answer? Should there be an excerpt?

Some answers have links in them relating to further resources, which I think is alright. However, there are some answers that have a link and little else, sometimes that is what is needed to solve OP'...
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Flagging system is unclear when it comes to link-only answers

As explained in a Meta answer, link-only answers should be flagged: [...] since it requires you to go off-site to find a solution. We want solutions to be on the site. The answer should have been a ...
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Should link-only answers be flagged as not-an-answer? Conflicting meta posts

From this meta post, I got the idea that if an answer is a link-only answer, then it is indeed "Not an answer", which led me to believe that link-only answers should be flagged as "Not ...
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Flag declined on link-only answer

I flagged this link-only answer as "not an answer" which is pointing to Check out: It was declined with the following message: declined - flags should not ...
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Was this answer flag disputed because of an upvote?

I flagged one answer which is a link-only answer, but it was disputed. So, my questions here are: Is it just because of it having three upvotes? Is that answer good? What if in the future that link ...
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Can't flag link-only answers as link-only answers

I wanted to flag this answer as link only. However, I don't seem to have that option when selecting a reason to flag. None of the reasons fit: It is spam - False It is offensive, abusive or hate ...
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Late Answer and Link Only Answer - how to flag? [duplicate]

This is related to Add “It's a link-only answer (not spam)” to Late Answer reviews, but there's no guidance provided. Note: I believe this is different from @gnat's cited duplicate. In the cited ...
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Are users unaware that posting a link to a tool is not an answer?

This answer, for example, along with a few other answers on the same question, are code-lacking, link-only answers to a tool/library/off-site resource. Even the question, which starts with Is there ...
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Not sure why this answer was downvoted, but I want to avoid mistakes in the future

I recently posted an answer in this thread here, and got downvoted. Was there something wrong with my answer? I genuinely thought the link I provided would more than answer his question (since the ...
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Answer with only link without actual code (answer depends on external library)

Is it right to consider the answer link-only and flag it in the case when: The answer depends (for example) on external js library and it points to it's webpage and documentation. I understand that ...
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Link-Only Attitude of Low Quality Posts vs say First Post Queues

I am writing this as a slight twist to this. The issue there has to do with why people get penalized for flagging link-only answers when the faqs say we should flag such posts. That is: Why are ...