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How should one ask for clarification on a question if they can't yet comment? [duplicate]

As a new user (well new by reputation points standards), I sometimes run into limitations posed by the small amount of rep that I have, the most common being the ability to comment. According to Stack ...
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New users cannot ask questions in a comment to help them make their answer [duplicate]

I was reviewing First Posts from users. One user asked a question in his answer to a question, like are you doing this?. Now maybe this is the answer and the poster just phrased it weirdly, but it ...
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How to help out without being able to comment? [duplicate]

I recently wanted to help out in this thread: Powershell: convert string to number But since I don't have enough reputation, I couldn't comment the question, so I posted a question as an answer ...
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Why can't new users post comments on another users question? [duplicate]

I've been trying to answer some questions on SO, but I always have to ask the person who made the question for more details, but I can't because new users can't. My question is, why aren't new users ...
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What is the rationale for being able to answer questions before commenting on them? [duplicate]

I'm not a very regular user, but recently have decided to try my hand at helping others. I am wondering why I can answer questions at a lower reputation level than commenting on them (50 rep required)....
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Restriction on Commenting [duplicate]

Why is there a 50+ reputation requirement for commenting on someone's question. I use Stack Overflow a lot both at work and at home, but rarely need to ask my own question since there are so many pre-...
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Found a duplicate but my rep is not high enough to flag/comment in it [duplicate]

I was looking through some questions when I came across a duplicate of a question. I, just having started using SO, do not have enough rep to flag it as a dup or put a comment saying it was a possible ...
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Is Stack Overflow really racist/sexist?

In Jay Hanlon's recent "Not Welcoming" blog article, Jay claims in the first sentence that the community is unfriendly to women and people of color. I myself never look at who's posting, let alone ...
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Meta hasn't changed at all

Yesterday I've received the following reply: Meta StackExchange actually recommends that most questions, even ones that are network-wide, are asked on child metas first. Then, if it makes sense for ...
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Does Stack Overflow having 50 reputation for commenting make sense? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow seems to frustrate me every time when it has the comment link, downvote buttons and when clicking, it gives the annoying "you don't have enough reputation". Why oh why? Why doesn't ...
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