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What do I need to regard when cleaning up a tag? [duplicate]

The microsoft tag is marked as being burninated*: DO NOT USE THIS TAG!!! This tag is too general to be useful And I have seen some users clean up the questions, by removing the Microsoft tag (and ...
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We [like] to clean up bad tags

This tag has been burninated. Please do not recreate it. If you need advice on which tag to use, see the answer below. If you see this tag reappearing, it may need to be blacklisted. After checking a ...
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What is the process for tag removal (burnination)?

What happens, or what should I expect, when I ask the community to remove ("burninate") a tag from the system? Is there an established process for the community to follow? Return to FAQ Index
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Let's have a different burnination process

99 times already we have discussed burninating tags. Scrolling through those questions it is obvious that most such requests should be acted upon. Yet, we probably have covered only 1% of the useless ...
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Is there no limit to edits you can make in a day? (rep farming)

I was going through my daily suggested edits when the same user kept popping up. Around 14 times in a row. Most of the edits they made where removing "Thank you" and removing the tag "run". Now as ...
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We have stopped doing [research]

This tag has been burninated. Please do not recreate it. If you need advice on which tag to use, see the answer below. If you see this tag reappearing, it may need to be blacklisted. Here is the ...
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Can we get rid of [git-something] tags?

There are lots of tags, one for each Git command. I think they should be removed. The questions are good enough if tagged git. I think they are too narrow as one can see by the low question count on ...
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Now can we burninate the Angular4 tag?

Angular2 was discussed at length here, however I feel the discussion has moved on. When Angular2 was released, it was known as Angular2, so it made sense to have a tag reflecting that. As we know, ...
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How long am I banned from editing?

Recently I have been doing a lot of edits that remove the design tag, as it is being burninated. See: The [design] tag is being burninated. So recently I have suggested quite a few edits, by only ...
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How does [cobra] explicitly mean three things?

Somebody went through the effort of describing three different technologies for the tag cobra. The excerpt reads: Three possible technologies: The Cobra toolkit is a pure Java HTML parser and ...
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Should we allow tags that inherently deny concise answers?

I just have noticed1, that several tags for online code judge engines like spoj, codechef, project-euler seemingly were burninated on SO. I'm pretty sure, that at least the spoj was there, since I've ...
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Why is tag burnination (and everything it entails) important for you?

So, tag burnination was once again questioned. The thing is that those questioning it never ever reach any constructive discussion including the participation of the large base of users. So, let's ...
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Review ban because of approving burninate tag edits

Recently I got a review ban for 7 days (sorry guys, because I created some sort of issues to this community, I'm very sorry about that). But I have one question about my ban. My review page shows ...
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Confusion between tags [df] (for Unix disk-free command) and [dataframe]

How best to resolve the confusion between tags df and dataframe? Context: df is very rare ( <2 new questions/month) and is intended for Unix disk-free command, not dataframes. ~40% of questions ...
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What is the point of generic, language-agnostic tags about basic programming concepts?

I have come across many questions like this one which are very poorly tagged. The problem is that the OP really doesn't know how tags work on Stack Overflow, so they're just picking words they feel ...
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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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Burninate [pricing]

I'm not sure that pricing has a purpose on this site. Seems that instead it encourages people to ask about off-topic things. Should this be removed?
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Don't read the freaking [user-manual]

I stumbled across the tag user-manual and in conjunction with it the user-guide tag. I'm including the second tag here as well, as it is mentioned in the user-manual tag description (emphasis mine): ...
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Can we burninate [java-libraries]?

The tag java-libraries has 230 associated questions, but seems pretty meta to me. Can we burninate this? There is no tag wiki to explain what is meant by this nebulous tag. So I can only assume it ...
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Burninate [featured]

On Stack Overflow we have a tag featured. Here is its Excerpt and Wiki: This tag should NOT BE USED. Give special prominence, attention, or publicity to items in a collection. This tag should not be ...
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Demise of a tag [closed]

Is it expected that one (or a minority of) determined user(s) be able to single-handedly purge/delete a tag, without discussion or dueness? If not, are there - or should there be - any safeguards in ...
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How much retagging should one user undertake without community input?

After reading the recently posted meta post about a specific mass retagging instance, I wanted to circle back and address a broader question that didn't really seem like it was covered in the ...
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How should Meta Stack Overflow proposals be brought to moderators' attention?

This may seem like a duplicate of this at first glance, but it isn't. There are a few proposed changes (like retag-requests) that have been around for quite some time and despite community approval, ...
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Burninate [slave]

slave (100+ Questions) does not even have a single Follower :)
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This tag is such a [software-tools]

The SO Close Vote Reviewers (warning, link contains mild profanity) chatroom has been taking on the blatantly off topic software-tools tag for a couple of days. 62 questions remain, which are broken ...
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General recommendation: Should a tag be unambiguous

I was about to edit the wiki page of survey. However, I noticed it is used for different things. the R package survey survey (data and projects) in general maybe more In the related question ...
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Improved automated burnination

In this comment in a burninate question, Robert Harvey stated the following: The tags have to be removed from questions one at a time. That means that 1,828 edits have to occur to remove this tag. ...
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User attempting to burninate tag without Meta discussion

This user has been attempting to burninate the execute tag, but I haven't seen any discussion on this matter on Meta Stack Overflow. To do so, the user has been suggesting a number of edits removing ...
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Stop the [manipulation]!

manipulation currently has over 700 0 questions. Its excerpt: Manipulation is the act of algorithmically manipulating any pieces of data ambiguous and not helpful, in my opinion. ...
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50 close votes are not enough for my moderation activities [duplicate]

This is not me asking for more than 40 close reviews per day. Nor am I asking to change the way close votes are handled. These issue have been touched on time and time again. I'm here to present a ...
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The [jest] tag is used for two different projects [duplicate]

There are currently about 80 questions labeled with jest. Of these, about 70% are questions about searchbox-io/Jest, an Elasticsearch Java Rest Client. The rest are about facebook/jest, a JavaScript ...
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Burninate request for tag: fortify360

I have worked for Fortify for almost eight years. For a short while we renamed our product suite Fortify 360. This name has been defunct since at least 2011 now; but it has become a Stack Overflow tag ...
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Tags [conv-neural-network] and [convolutional-neural-network] serve the same purpose

The tags conv-neural-network and convolutional-neural-network serve the same purpose. Former is older than later. Can we retag/burninate/synonymize them?
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I believe that the tags [angular5] and [angular6] should not exist

The problem with those tags is that many times the questions do not have the tag [angular] in addition to it. I am interested in Angular and I want to know if it is more popular than ReactJS and ...
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Burninate the [history] tag [duplicate]

We have a history tag. It's wiki begins with "DO NOT USE THIS TAG". It has more than 1400 questions using it. Why do we have this tag, if it is not to be used?
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Should [unminify] be burninated?

unminify has 20 questions and 0 followers. All 20 of these questions have at least one other tag, and some have a multitude of tags. It is a good keyword for finding like questions, but that keyword ...
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When a burninate request is approved, who should do the burnination?

This is related to How do tag removal (burnination) requests work? but I didn't find an answer to my question there. If a burnination request is approved, who should do the burnination? Should that ...
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Can I find out the reason behind a specific tag purge if this info is (seemingly) not present on meta?

I was answering a NETCONF protocol (RFC6241) related question yesterday and wanted to retag it with the netconf tag, which I clearly remember as once being in existence. No such tag exists anymore (I ...
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What to do about [teamcity-*] and [resharper-*]?

There is a versioned tag for each minor release of JetBrains' TeamCity: teamcity-8.0, teamcity-8.1, etc. (There is also teamcity.) There is a similar situation with JetBrains' resharper. Some ...
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Should [datetime] and [date] be used together in questions that are about handling datetimes?

Recently I was searching for unanswered questions that miss the google-apps-script or the google-spreadsheet tags and found that some of those questions are about handling datetimes. Then I searched ...
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Add possibility to edit tags directly in the "Tagged questions" page

Every now and then burninate requests are created. Some of them concern tags that are not very extensively used (e.g. Exclude [exclude]), so we can clean them up manually. The feature of inline tag ...
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What to do with the [trap] tag?

The tag trap seems to be used in a few different ways. This list is in approximate order of occurrence, however none of them is obviously dominant over the others. Shell scripting / Bash related. "...
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disambiguate [dataprovider] for testng

There have already been several disambig's on dataprovider. I'm proposing another one. The new tag is probably best called testng-dataprovider. This will refer to @DataProvider, a TestNG annotation ...
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Should users asking questions about a specific class in a programming language include a tag for that class?

I’ve noticed a common pattern in Swift questions. They ask a problem about a class, tag Swift, and then the class. Should users tag the class name or leave it out? One reason not to is the lack of ...
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Burninate [failed]

Just today, a new failed tag has appeared. It has two questions so far, and I suspect it's going to quickly collect a lot of questions about code that doesn't work. I don't see how it can ever be ...
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Feature Request: Allow tags to be protected in cases of dispute/cleanup/burnination so only members with enough reputation can use them

Background Recently I've been looking at the burnination process and have even requested a burnination myself. But in going through this for the first time, I see some glaring inefficiencies not only ...
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How should tags get disambiguated?

I was recently awarded the tumbleweed badge for Replace [social-networking] tag with two separate and specific tags (yay me). Looking at the list of questions tagged with [tag-disambiguation] it is ...
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Don't make "dnn" a synonym for "dotnetnuke"

DNN also means "deep neural network". I think that's a very common topic on Stack Overflow, even more common than a specific technology such as "dotnetnuke". "DNN" isn't ...
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