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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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Burninate [pricing]

I'm not sure that pricing has a purpose on this site. Seems that instead it encourages people to ask about off-topic things. Should this be removed?
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Don't read the freaking [user-manual]

I stumbled across the tag user-manual and in conjunction with it the user-guide tag. I'm including the second tag here as well, as it is mentioned in the user-manual tag description (emphasis mine): ...
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Can we burninate [java-libraries]?

The tag java-libraries has 230 associated questions, but seems pretty meta to me. Can we burninate this? There is no tag wiki to explain what is meant by this nebulous tag. So I can only assume it ...
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Burninate [featured]

On Stack Overflow we have a tag featured. Here is its Excerpt and Wiki: This tag should NOT BE USED. Give special prominence, attention, or publicity to items in a collection. This tag should not be ...
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Demise of a tag [closed]

Is it expected that one (or a minority of) determined user(s) be able to single-handedly purge/delete a tag, without discussion or dueness? If not, are there - or should there be - any safeguards in ...
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How much retagging should one user undertake without community input?

After reading the recently posted meta post about a specific mass retagging instance, I wanted to circle back and address a broader question that didn't really seem like it was covered in the ...
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How should Meta Stack Overflow proposals be brought to moderators' attention?

This may seem like a duplicate of this at first glance, but it isn't. There are a few proposed changes (like retag-requests) that have been around for quite some time and despite community approval, ...
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Burninate [slave]

slave (100+ Questions) does not even have a single Follower :)
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This tag is such a [software-tools]

The SO Close Vote Reviewers (warning, link contains mild profanity) chatroom has been taking on the blatantly off topic software-tools tag for a couple of days. 62 questions remain, which are broken ...
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General recommendation: Should a tag be unambiguous

I was about to edit the wiki page of survey. However, I noticed it is used for different things. the R package survey survey (data and projects) in general maybe more In the related question ...
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Improved automated burnination

In this comment in a burninate question, Robert Harvey stated the following: The tags have to be removed from questions one at a time. That means that 1,828 edits have to occur to remove this tag. ...
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User attempting to burninate tag without Meta discussion

This user has been attempting to burninate the execute tag, but I haven't seen any discussion on this matter on Meta Stack Overflow. To do so, the user has been suggesting a number of edits removing ...
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Stop the [manipulation]!

manipulation currently has over 700 0 questions. Its excerpt: Manipulation is the act of algorithmically manipulating any pieces of data ambiguous and not helpful, in my opinion. ...
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50 close votes are not enough for my moderation activities [duplicate]

This is not me asking for more than 40 close reviews per day. Nor am I asking to change the way close votes are handled. These issue have been touched on time and time again. I'm here to present a ...
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