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What's with all the bootstrap-* tags? [duplicate]

The twitter-bootstrap tag is particularly confusing thanks to bootstrap being something completely different. Twitter Bootstrap, for those unaware, is a HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework, whereas the ...
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Request to change tag name for Bootstrap [duplicate]

There has consistently been a large amount of accidental use of the bootstrap tag when users intend to use the far more popular twitter-bootstrap. This has been problematic enough that both tag wiki'...
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How do we name our Bootstrap Version Tags (CSS/JS Framework)? [duplicate]

Introduction The Feature Request Is there a way to force users to choose their Bootstrap version for a question? , introduces a discussion about the tagnames for the CSS/JS Framework Bootstrap. I ...
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We gave [bootstrap] the boot, but it wasn't heavy enough!

(This question/request is a follow-up to "Bootstrap tags revisited" - it is not a dupe!) The terribly ambiguous bootstrap tag has caused a lot of headache, having been used for everything from ...
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How to rekindle burnination requests that failed to ignite? [duplicate]

I came across the rather useless square today, and a quick search showed me a year-old request that got nowhere, yet people are still abusing the tag a couple of times a week. I could, of course, ...
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Warnings when using certain tag combinations

Note that this is not the same as this question, which proposes retagging suggestions for replacing multiple tags with one, such as replacing bootstraptypeahead with bootstrap-typeahead. It is also ...
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Make [bootstrap-4] a synonym of [twitter-bootstrap-4] (Or burninate it)?

I do not have the rep to suggest a synonym, but should we not make bootstrap-4 a synonym on twitter-bootstrap-4, or even burninate it? Edit: It seems there is already some discussion on the ambiguity ...
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Can we boot [boostrap-grid] and boost [bootstrap-grid]?

boostrap-grid is clearly misspelt (boostrap-grid instead of bootstrap-grid). Maybe it should be twitter-bootstrap-grid to bring it in line with the other Bootstrap tags. It also doesn't have a wiki. ...
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A user keeps editing in the wrong tag — bootstrap and twitter-bootstrap

This user keeps adding in the bootstrap tag, along with the twitter-bootstrap tag in instances where it isn't about bootstrap loading. I've personally rejected 10 of these so far. Mods, can you ...
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"bootstrapping" tag description is not clear enough for new users

I have spent lots of time in the past clearing up questions that misuse the bootstrapping tag. Lots of users use this tag for twitter-bootstrap questions, even though it says clearly at the bottom of ...
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Are retags of [twitter-bootstrap] to version-specific tags okay?

I saw some suggested edits in the review queue, where different users removed twitter-bootstrap and added twitter-bootstrap-2 or twitter-bootstrap-3 instead. I know that there is a lot of discussion ...