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"Why downvoted?" comments - unfriendly according to the new Code of Conduct?

I'm sure all of us (or at least many of us) stumbled upon comments like this one The person who down-voted the answer, any explanation why ? Many users, when their answer is downvoted, just either ...
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Why isn't it required to provide comments/feedback for downvotes, and why are proposals suggesting this so negatively received?

Sometimes my post receives downvotes with no explanation on what I've done wrong. Even worse, sometimes I just get snarky comments! It seems like this is especially bad for new users, who are made to ...
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Increase the downvote penalty for downvotee on answers from 2 to 4

I'll start by saying that I don't know if my proposal is good or not, I'll expose my pro & cons arguments (this isn't a feature request, just a discussion). Simple math (that you know already): ...
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So what is the purpose of downvoting an answer? [duplicate]

I have read the post on downvoting questions and understand the logic there. But I'm interested in the meaning of downvoting answers. I assumed it was to help the OP and anyone following wade through ...
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Is this a bad question or SO users did not read the question clearly? [duplicate]

I asked this question today. It has 3 down votes. And high reputation user(29k) asked "Please show your codes , at least the line 22" as a comment. As I understand he has not read my question ...
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2017 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

Stack Overflow, once again, is scheduled for an election next week, July 17th. In connection with that, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the ...
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Are code comparison questions too broad? [closed]

I recently asked Being a member of the community for some time, I understand that open-ended ...
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@mention downvoters [duplicate]

Can you call out downvoters with @metions in comments? It really annoys me when someone comes past and downvotes the question and all the answers, then leaves without any comment as to why. Would be ...
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My question is not showing up because of a downvote?

I asked a question here and someone downvoted it for not providing an error, even though I had stated in the post that I had not received any specific error. I even still uploaded a stack trace that ...
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Should we create FAQ proposals for frequent Meta questions?

There's a certain type of frequent Meta suggestion that we all know and are annoyed by because they get made over and over again: Let's force comments when downvoting Let's remove the anonymity when ...
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Why can questions be set for review and then deleted without voters justification? [closed]

I seen certain questions on Stack Overflow being set for review and then closed, or even deleted without most reviewers or any at all giving justification to the asker for their vote. A newbie ...
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Is 'downvoting' being inspected? [duplicate]

Actually, I have searched for half an hour for a similar question. Sorry if there exists exactly the same but I haven't managed to find it. Is downvoting really being inspected? I feel like a lot ...
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Unsure why I got a downvote hours after my question was answered

I asked a question that, in my opinion, adhered to all the rules of SO. It was answered within 15 minutes and I accepted the answer. At some point last night it was downvoted, and no comment was left. ...
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Shouldn't duplicate questions be closed for down-votes? [duplicate]

Why are down votes open for questions marked [duplicate]? I see lot of questions marked duplicate being down-voted without any specific comments. The number of down-votes keep increasing with no ...
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Why isn't there "vote to improve" option for questions? [duplicate]

We usually vote to close questions which are "too broad" or just ask the SO to improve it after putting it on hold but why no "Vote to improve button" which says "5 users say you must improve your ...
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