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Why does the "people reached" counter use a lowercase "m" for millions?

As far as I know, the usual unit prefix for millions is mega, written as M. I think it should apply to unit-less numbers as well. Thus, I suggest that ~4.4m is changed to ~4.4M It's arguably much ...
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Request for option to filter which networks appear on Hot Network Questions

I think most people would agree that the Hot Network Questions feature is a very nice one. We can see interesting questions we might have input on, or, more commonly, be exposed to interesting ...
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How do I get started on Meta Stack Exchange without reputation?

This is my state of rep after signing up to Meta Stack Exchange: Ok, so how do I earn rep on Meta? Post a question, you say? You must have at least 2 reputation to ask a question. Well, answer a ...
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Meta Stack Overflow vs Meta Stack Exchange

Before asking this question, I already read the entire Q&A here: What kind of questions should we ask on Meta Stack Overflow and on Meta Stack Exchange? But, I am really still confused. When ...
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Apparently, this user prefers to keep an air of mystery about them

While browsing through some user profiles in the new profile page, I came across this description: Apparently, this user prefers to keep an air of mystery about them. I do not understand where ...
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What is this gray rectangle on the Stack Exchange profile page?

I am just curious of what that gray blank space signifies and why is it there as is? Do I need some privileges to see the content inside that or its just as is, but why? Just curious!
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Where to ask the simplest programming questions [duplicate]

Is there a website where I could ask some fundamental questions on computer programming? To make myself more clear, I desire to increase my proficiency in C# specifically. But when I consult books, ...
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How do you flag an offensive username when the user has no posts? [duplicate]

We just deleted a rude answer in SOCVR, but the user also made his name rude as well. Since the post was already flagged as spam I couldn't also mod flag it. And there's no way to flag his profile, ...
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Why are we closing questions simply because they "belong on MSE"

I have noticed a small trend recently that is contrary to what was originally discussed when MSO and MSE was split (see: Users Can Report Bugs On Whatever Child Meta Site Suits Them) and I am trying ...
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How to format code after item list? [duplicate]

My text contains a few item list and a code block, but I am really crazy when formatting the code, each time I try to format it, it was align to the item list, my work around was put an dot(.) between ...
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Is Meta suitable for SE platform questions?

I have a few questions about the general functionality of the platform for the Stack Exchange web of sites, Stack Overflow included. Of a technical/support kind. While I have had searched for answers ...
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Markdown and rendered changes are very different in edit review queue

When reviewing suggested edits, the markdown version and rendered version can show different changes, particularly block-indenting of code. More specifically, it's possible for the markdown version to ...
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How to start a new community? [closed]

The community I want does not exist. How do I help start a new community? I have searched the meta questions for answers as well as the stack overflow help. But I cannot find the answer. Can ...
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My winter hat won't stay put

When viewing my profile with the iOS application my winter hat doesn't stay attached to my avatar. It's static in the top left corner as I continue to scroll through my profile. Example: Using the ...
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Can I see a list of answers I voted up?

I can't find an answer that I really liked, I might have voted on it so I'm hoping I can view answers that I voted on. As a rookie, I tried out several ways and I wonder whether StackOverflow has ...
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