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Is closing old questions a gigantic waste of time and effort? [duplicate]

In response to someone's question relating to closing questions, Shog posted this: For the most part, it's a gigantic waste of time and effort: most of these questions aren't causing problems. If ...
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Meta Stack Overflow vs Meta Stack Exchange

Before asking this question, I already read the entire Q&A here: What kind of questions should we ask on Meta Stack Overflow and on Meta Stack Exchange? But, I am really still confused. When ...
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Why are there old questions that are too broad and that are not closed?

I just found this question. It has few details and indicates nothing about the reason why OP wants such output nor what they already tried. Yet, the question has not been closed, while I saw some ...
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Should this non-programming question be migrated or protected?

I have come across the following question: This is a popular question but is not about programming. ...
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Should established questions be closed due to newer close reasons? [duplicate]

I came across a question on SO that's about six years old with over 460 upvotes which asks for opinions, recommendations, and best practices (part of the question has the text, "My question is: what ...
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Why is my question being downvoted?

I have a SO question How do I declare empty variables with self in Python , being technically correct and overall sane. Yet another time I get downvotes out of nowhere, which would be OK by itself, ...
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Should we flag for moderator attention after close votes expire?

I was looking over some past flags and noticed that my flag on with the message Non-reproducible. Running the query at the endpoint returns 1, not 0. ...
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What to do with a highly-upvoted, old, hot mess of a question? [duplicate]

This question showed up with an answer in the Late Answers review queue, and has almost everything wrong with it: Spring,Request method 'POST' not supported The main reason why I'd expect ...
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Should we flag off-topic answers to questions when they were previously on-topic? [duplicate]

When I'm bored I sometimes go to the review queues to help out. A few times in the Late Answers review queue I've got questions and answers like this: The specific review is located here, but I have ...
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How to report historical unlocked but not a good question by current guidelines? [duplicate]

Recently I came across question. It was asked in 2008, but by current guidelines this question ...
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Is it right to close highly rated questions? [duplicate]

I just came across this question via Google search results 116 up votes, 60 users have marked it as a favorite question yet its ...
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What is the policy to delete old up-voted link only answers those cannot be edited in shape?

I recently flagged this answer as Not An Answer being Link-Only answer. My flag was marked helpful. Question was closed as Too Broad. But the answer is not deleted. The NAA flag indicates that the ...
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What to do with an old question, now considered off-topic? [duplicate]

I was reviewing late answers and someone thought it was necessary to answer a question from 2010. I found the answer VLQ, but looking at the question it was attracting opinionated answers because of ...
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Should I actively vote to close valuable questions? [duplicate]

In the past, StackOverflow accepted a broader range of questions than it does today. Many of the high-voted questions from 2009 are now considered off-topic. etc etc you know this bit. Anyway a lot ...
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Sanity check for question closure

I stumbled across this question today: Ajax success event not working It's 6 years old and has been upvoted highly (I'm not sure why). The question would seem to be off topic as it doesn't contain ...
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