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Is closing old questions a gigantic waste of time and effort? [duplicate]

In response to someone's question relating to closing questions, Shog posted this: For the most part, it's a gigantic waste of time and effort: most of these questions aren't causing problems. If ...
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Should we flag off-topic answers to questions when they were previously on-topic? [duplicate]

When I'm bored I sometimes go to the review queues to help out. A few times in the Late Answers review queue I've got questions and answers like this: The specific review is located here, but I have ...
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Should established questions be closed due to newer close reasons? [duplicate]

I came across a question on SO that's about six years old with over 460 upvotes which asks for opinions, recommendations, and best practices (part of the question has the text, "My question is: what ...
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What to do with a highly-upvoted, old, hot mess of a question? [duplicate]

This question showed up with an answer in the Late Answers review queue, and has almost everything wrong with it: Spring,Request method 'POST' not supported The main reason why I'd expect ...
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This highly rated question from 2009 put on hold today. What is the purpose of that? [duplicate]

Near-Duplicate Image Detection It has been voted up 84 times, has an accepted answer with 59 votes and a +50 rep, and a handful of other useful answers. What is the purpose of putting it on hold? 5 ...
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Does it make sense to close a question that was opened for 4 years+ and viewed 55 000+ times? [duplicate]

I just noted that one of the most popular question of mine was closed this summer after more then 4 years. In the meantime it was viewed 55k+ times (without single vote for close). I was going to ask ...
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Is it worth any value to close a 5 year old question with no activity in over a year? [duplicate]

I got a little notification that one of my questions that I asked 5 years ago was "put on hold" (aka closed) because it was off topic. The question hadn't seen any activity in over a year, so it's ...
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Is it considerable to close a protected question? [duplicate]

I'm talking about this question, which pops up in Reviews queue of Close Votes. Qualities of this question are: Up voted with 155 votes (and no down votes) which favorited by 116 users. Oldest ...
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How to report historical unlocked but not a good question by current guidelines? [duplicate]

Recently I came across question. It was asked in 2008, but by current guidelines this question ...
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Closing Already Answered Questions With Positive Scores [duplicate]

Occasionally, I come across Question that have been answered with Very High Positive Score, that are poor question. I've frequently come across these questions several times in the review audits as ...
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Is it right to close highly rated questions? [duplicate]

I just came across this question via Google search results 116 up votes, 60 users have marked it as a favorite question yet its ...
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Should existing questions tagged as being about project management be evaluated for whether they are off-topic? [duplicate]

This question was tagged as being about agile, scrum and scrummaster, and when I voted to close with the rationale "I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this is about project ...
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Old subjective questions [duplicate]

I've seen some old questions especially about programming language (feature) comparing but the answers mostly have a tendency to one side and lacking objectivity. To give you an example: Garbage ...
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Should I actively vote to close valuable questions? [duplicate]

In the past, StackOverflow accepted a broader range of questions than it does today. Many of the high-voted questions from 2009 are now considered off-topic. etc etc you know this bit. Anyway a lot ...
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What to do with an old question, now considered off-topic? [duplicate]

I was reviewing late answers and someone thought it was necessary to answer a question from 2010. I found the answer VLQ, but looking at the question it was attracting opinionated answers because of ...
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