Steps to reproduce:

  1. Visit any Staging Ground post.
  2. Find a comment under the post. Notice the neutral state of the upvote button: Upvote button for a comment is light grey
  3. Upvote a comment under the post. Notice that at this point the upvote is highlighted. "Upvote button for comment is orange after an upvote"
  4. Reload the page.

Expected result: the upvote button stays the same colour as step 3. Actual: On reload, the button briefly flashes orange, then settles into a darker grey Upvote button for comment marked in darker grey seemingly signifying "disabled". Hovering over confirms it is disabled. On hover of the button, the mouse cursor turns into the "not allowed" symbol. The hover message says I have already voted

Here is a demo of upvoting, then reloading the page a few times:

First upvoting the comment which turns it orange, then reloading which flashes orange and settles into darker grey


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